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Man who claims to have been ‘raped’ by snake turns to prophet

By Adoration Bizure

A 40-YEAR-OLD man, who claims to have been raped by a snake after sleeping with a Nyau member, has sought divine intervention from Prophet Tapiwa Freddy.

Pachawa Kwanamba
Pachawa Kwanamba

Though he has not yet got the chance to meet the man of cloth, Pachawa Kwanamba said ever since he visited Goodness and Mercy Ministries, he started experiencing change.

“As I explained earlier, for the past three years I have been a victim of rape by a snake which has been having a.n.a.l s.e.x with me.

“I was slowly giving up on life and if things had remained the way they were, I could have even ended my life.

“One of my neighbours told me about Prophet Freddy of Goodness and Mercy Ministries, so I went to the church with the hope of seeing him.

“It was unfortunate that I couldn’t manage to see him but after he prayed for the whole church I felt like something had been removed from me.

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“I went home and the snake did not come as it usually does and for the past three days I have been sleeping like a baby without any disturbances,” he said.

Pachawa said he was still hopeful to meet Prophet Freddy though he cannot afford to pay for the one on one interview money required to meet the prophet.

“I have been delivered but I believed to have a full deliverance I have to meet Prophet Freddy in person. I inquired how to go about it but I was told I am supposed to pay but I do not have the required amount,” he said.

When contacted for comment, Prophet Freddy said: “I read about the story in your paper but I didn’t know he had visited our church for deliverance since we had a congregation of more than a thousand people who came to our services.

“This man you are talking about is one of the many people who are delivered when they come to our church.

“The reason he was delivered without getting in contact with me is a clear testimony that it is not me who delivers people but God. I am just a vessel and God can sometimes heal people for just coming to our church.”

The clergyman added that such miracles will also be happening during the prophetic service to be held at the church premise on Wednesday.

“We are having a prophetic service on Wednesday and we believe God will also be touching people’s lives.

“Through the spiritual spectacles, God will be giving people answers over things they have been praying for, which they have not yet received answers to.” H Metro