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Businessman impregnates married cousin?

By Gibson Mhaka

A Beitbridge-based businessman is at the centre of an incest storm amid allegations that he’s sleeping with his married cousin who is said to be heavy with his seed.

Gibson Tlou (pictured) who runs a clearing company in the border town’s alleged relationship with his cousin Tsokolo Moyo reportedly caused confusion and tension in the family after it reportedly emerged the two lovebirds were planning to move in together.

Tlou is married to Sindiso Sithole and they have four children together while Moyo is married to Charles Sithole who is based in South Africa.

According to a family source, Tlou’s marriage is on the brink of collapse because of his alleged incestuous relationship with Moyo.

Tlou however, disputed the allegations as bad rumours being spread by haters but a family source speaking to B-Metro backed the story.

“The two’s relationship which has been a secret for a long time came to light after Tsokolo fell pregnant. The matter was discussed between the two families (Tlou and Tsokolo’s) after it emerged that they were planning to move in together despite the fact that they are both married.

“Tsokolo’s husband was told of the issue but he hasn’t taken any action since he is in South Africa. The two families are however, disturbed because of the relationship, which the two are disputing despite overwhelming evidence that they are madly in love,” said the source who refused to be named.

When contacted for comment Sithole said she was not at liberty to discuss her marital problems with the media before she requested that all questions should be referred to her husband.

Tlou disputed the allegations revealing that this reporter was the third person to contact and prod him over the matter and he was even prepared to drive from Beitbridge to Bulawayo to give his comment.

“Who told you about this issue? It’s not true. They are just mere allegations being spread by people who want to tarnish my image. I know Tsokolo as my cousin, not as a lover.

“You are now the third person to ask me about this issue. We talked about it with my wife in the presence of her friends and churchmates. But still I am suspecting that she is also one of those people spreading those allegations since we are having problems.

“She didn’t want to go to the village and whenever I go there she accuses me of visiting Tsokolo since we stay in the same area. I am also prepared to go for DNA tests if Tsokolo gives birth to prove that I am not the father of the baby being talked about,” said Tlou.

He further said if the rumours were true Tsokolo’s husband was also supposed to confront him.

Moyo could not however, be reached for comment as she was said to be at her rural home in Gwanda. B-Metro