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Man ‘slits’ wife’s throat, hangs self

By Whinsley Masara

A man from Gwanda allegedly killed his wife by slitting her throat before hanging himself from a tree by the roadside at a time when the couple was in the process of divorcing, police confirmed yesterday.

Dumisani Siziba (27) of Lushongwe village in Gwanda allegedly cut his wife, Pretty Moyo (19)’s throat and phoned his brother to inform him that he was taking his life at around 8AM on Thursday.

The incident occurred after Siziba’s wife, who had been away at her parents’ home for a week, returned to her home to pick up her two-year-old child and clothes.

Siziba allegedly offered to escort her to her parents’ home to resolve their marital problems, but along the way he allegedly killed her and then committed suicide.

Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson Inspector Philisani Ndebele confirmed the couple’s death and said investigations were underway.

“We received a report of murder and sudden death by hanging. A man murdered his wife by cutting her throat before taking his life too. He was found hanging in a bush a few metres away from where his murdered wife lay on Thursday morning. His family discovered the bodies,” he said.

Insp Ndebele said the couple’s bodies were taken to the United Bulawayo Hospitals for post mortem.

He appealed to members of the public to share their problems and seek advice from friends, relatives, police and church.

“People should not take their own lives even when they’re having problems. It’s important to engage other people who can assist and they must learn to solve disputes amicably to avoid unnecessary loss of life,” Insp Ndebele said.

Gwanda’s Ward 9 councillor, Mr Mozitha Moyo, told The Chronicle that Siziba phoned his brother, Mehluli, telling him that he was killing himself.

“After hearing about his intention, Mehluli in the company of their father, Judia Siziba went to look for him where he said he was.

They found his body and that of his wife a few steps away. She had been butchered; her throat cut.

“The two phoned me and I engaged the police. Together we went to the scene. The weapon used was not found at the scene but surely it was a sharp object which he used to slit her throat,” he said.

Clr Moyo said the couple was having problems and about a week ago, the wife left her in-laws’ home where they lived and went back to her parents’ home.

“Dumisani followed his wife in a bid to resolve issues. After the two failed to mend their relationship, he informed police at a nearby base that his wife had left a two-year-old son at their home. Police intervened and ordered the woman to return and collect her child.

“The two returned to their home. The following morning the couple left their home heading to the wife’s parents home so that they discuss a way forward. When the two left, they seemed well together and no one imagined they would even fight along the way,” he said.

Mr Moyo said it is suspected that the couple had a heated argument, resulting in Siziba allegedly killing his wife.

“In his phone call, Siziba said he was killing himself since he had a misunderstanding with his wife. He also mentioned that he had done something wrong to his wife and they were going to find his body in a foot path at Sonyane area in Lushongwe village,” he said.

The councillor said he knew Siziba as a well-disciplined young man and it was difficult for him to believe that he committed such a gruesome murder.

“This incident is a first of its kind in my area and we are shocked,” he said. The Chronicle