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Manager, engineer quit Utakataka

By Vasco Chaya

Sungura musician Peter “Young Igwe” Moyo has been deserted by long-serving manager Suko Dube and sound engineer Robert Gomba due to financial problems reportedly affecting the band’s operations.

Peter “Young Igwe” Moyo
Peter “Young Igwe” Moyo

Dube, who also doubled up as Young Igwe’s sound engineer, confirmed his departure from Utakataka Express but unwilling to shed more light on why he quit.

“Yes, I left. I just decided to take a rest,” was all the veteran manager, who worked with Young Igwe’s late father — Tongai Moyo-as manager and sound engineer, could say.

But Gomba, who was drafted into the band as sound engineer after Dube’s departure, was less charitable. He blamed Utakataka Express’ financial woes on Young Igwe.

“I worked for two weeks as a sound engineer but the group failed to pay me. The financial situation was so bad that quitting was the only reasonable option left to me.

“The band is making money but the problem is Peter’s archaic approach to business,” said Gomba, who is brother to Orchestra Mberikwazvo drummer Obert.

But a furious Young Igwe accused Gomba of gross misrepresentation.

“Gomba is lying. He only came in as an assistant engineer because I have my own sound engineer.

“He is lying; he is just after tarnishing my name, I do not owe anyone. If he continues spreading falsehoods about the band, I will definitely sue him,” said the Utakataka Express boss.

Young Igwe added that Dube quit Utakataka Express to concentrate on his business interests.

“Dube bid farewell to the group. I knew well in advance that he was going to quit at some point that is why I asked him to co-manage Utakataka Express with Shiga Shiga.

“There is no bad blood between Dube and me. That’s the plain truth,” he said.

Late last year, Dube raised the red flag over Utakataka Express’ finances.

“It is hard to maintain Utakataka Express in its current state. The economy is tough for every individual and company.

“Utakataka Express is no exception,” Dube told the Daily News then soon after the group had lost guitarist Willard “Willo” Loti. Daily News