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Apostle Chipoyera targets witches, wizards

Witches and wizards who cause sickness and other forms of infirmities in Christians will die before the end of this month, Kingdom Prosperity Ministries leader Apostle Rodney Chipoyera told congregants last week.

Apostle Rodney Chipoyera
Apostle Rodney Chipoyera

Leading last week’s Wednesday Spiritual Clinic Service in Harare, Apostle Chipoyera said he was praying that those engineering “bad luck” and blocking physical and spiritual progress of Christians should die.

He said many Christians were “tired of being tormented” by people who practice witchcraft and even “steal wealth using magic”.

The KPM leader said as Goliath was defeated by David, so shall it be on the enemies of Christians. Apostle Chipoyera added that witchcraft was behind some of the struggles facing Zimbabweans.

“In the spirit, you (Christian) already own a house, drive a car and living a comfortable life but in the physical you are poor.

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“This is all because witches and wizards are sapping your power for their own benefit. This month all witches must die so Christians live a peaceful life. If there are any witches tormenting your life, this month will mark the demise,” he said.

The clergyman urged congregants to remain committed to prayer to win spiritual battles.

“The ‘thank-you-Lord-for-the-food-in-front-of-us’ prayers will not yield much. Christians ought to be aggressive and pray violent prayers which bring fire from Heaven.

“It is through serious prayers that many battles are won in the spirit because, we don’t fight flesh and blood but spiritual principalities.

“We thank God that we have Jesus because every knee bows and every demon submits to the name of Jesus,” said Apostle Chipoyera.

After the sermon, he led a two-hour deliverance service where many claimed to have received instant healing, including Mrs Faith Mabhiza who said she was healed of blindness in one eye, while Mr Munyaradzi Dunduru recovered from deafness. The Sunday Mail