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Updates: Evan Mawarire denied bail…. in custody until February 17

A court in Harare has denied #ThisFlag founder and pastor Evan Mawarire bail. He will be in custody until February 17.

#ThisFlag protest pastor Evan Mawarire arrested on return to Zimbabwe from U.S.
#ThisFlag protest pastor Evan Mawarire arrested on return to Zimbabwe from U.S.

Mawarire was arrested on Wednesday after a surprise decision to go back to Zimbabwe after 6 months in exile having fled and later claiming asylum in the United States last year.

Tweets on the Day

Have moved to court 7 because court 6 has no lights. A whole courtroom with no lights!! Will let that sink in.” ThisFlag1980

“Lawyer representing Pastor Evan says he never called for violent protests, but urged passive resistance and peaceful boycotts.” Haru Mutasa on Twitter

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Some war veterans here in court room in solidarity with Pastor Evan Mawarire.

“Lawyer representing Pastor Evan says the constitution says anyone has the right to ask a president to resign.” Haru Mutasa on Twitter

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“So if I give my son money & ask him to go buy milk, and then against my will, he instead steals the milk, I should be charged with theft?” Doug Coltart

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