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Heavy rains, thunderstorms forecast

By Livingstone Marufu

Most parts of Zimbabwe are expected to continue receiving heavy rains this week, with thunderstorms being experienced in certain areas, the Meteorological Services Department has said.

This toyota vehicle was swept by heavy rains which pounced at Carrick Estates in Borrowdale. (Picture by Innocent Makawa)

The department told The Sunday Mail last Friday that rainfall would begin this weekend, and warned the public against sheltering under trees or in isolated places.

“We are expecting thunderstorm activity and morning rain in all areas across the country on Saturday (yesterday). On Sunday, we expect that the same weather conditions should prevail, with outbreaks of storms across the country.

“As the Met Department, we warn people that in case of severe thunderstorms, if outdoors, seek shelter immediately, but do not seek shelter under a tree or in isolated sheds.

“. . .Please be advised that because of high temperatures, these storms may be violent and accompanied by hail and damaging winds.

“In case of heavy rain and flooding, if possible stay indoors and off the roads. Avoid crossing flooded rivers and swollen streams where the depth is unknown and avoid driving on a road covered by water.

“Be especially cautious at night when it’s harder to recognise flood dangers. Fill potholes which allow stagnation of water in your vicinities as these will become breeding areas of mosquitoes.”