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Sulu is still mine, says ex-wife

By Fungai Jachi

Sulumani Chimbetu’s ex-wife — Marigold Mutemasango has opened up on her relationship with the Dendera musician saying she is waiting for him to give her a token of divorce so that she can be free to move on and get married, if need be.

Marigold Mutemasango
Marigold Mutemasango

“I’m not one of Sulu’s concubines as he customarily married me and has not given me a token of divorce. Technically, I’m still his wife,” said Mutemasango.

The former wife who went to Sulu’s wedding venue in Harare at the weekend to seek clarity on their divorce, said she was not clinging onto Sulu but just wants everything to be done the right way.

“It has to be noted however that I’m not clinging onto him, but I’m waiting for him to come back to my family and officially divorce me, just like when he married me.

“How can my father give my hand to another man in marriage when my first husband has not come to officially divorce me? I’m not the first one to be left by a husband.”

Sulumani Chimbetu and wife Linda
Sulumani Chimbetu and new wife Linda

She added that she was not bitter about Sulu’s marriage to Linda Samuriwo, but is only concerned about the welfare of their two minor children.

“I’d very much want to move on without any hindrances. Sulu is the one who knows best as to why he’s not given me gupuro (token of divorce). I’m waiting for him to do so and as soon as he does that, I’ll be free.

“Why would I continue clinging onto him anyway? I’m not someone who forces things. He is the problem in this case because he is the one who does not want to finalise our divorce,” Mutemasango said.

Asked why she had stormed Sulu’s wedding uninvited, she said: “I wanted to serve him with court papers. One of my cousins went to speak to security and the security guys started acting all crazy and unnecessarily drew people’s attention.”

She said she found it unfair that Sulu had not invited his children to his wedding.

“I’m not a violent person and I didn’t go to his wedding to cause a scene. I just wonder why he failed to invite his children to his wedding. Any reasonable person would’ve invited his children to his own wedding.”  The Chronicle