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Sulu speaks on wedding ‘hearing aid’

Other than having his ex-wife gatecrash his wedding, Sulumani Chimbetu has been trending on social media for donning a Bluetooth earpiece at his wedding ceremony in Harare last weekend.

Sulumani Chimbetu and his new wife, Linda Samuriwo show their marriage certificate.
Sulumani Chimbetu and his new wife, Linda Samuriwo show their marriage certificate.

Sulu was criticised for spending the entire wedding with the Bluetooth device – which some are now referring to as a hearing aid – tucked on his right ear.

But, speaking to Gemnation, the Orchestra Dendera Kings lead singer, who is heavily inspired by his late father Simon, said he saw nothing amiss adding that it was his right to accessorise his wedding look with the headset.

“It’s my right and that Bluetooth headgear is part of my phone,” he said.

Pressed further, Sulu explained the phone’s purpose on his wedding.

“I was fully aware that some people were out to cause havoc at the wedding so I was constantly in touch with the security, hence the importance of the phone,” referring to an attempt by his former wife, Marigold Mutemasango to disrupt the wedding.

Pictures of him wearing the Bluetooth device during his nuptials went viral across all social media platforms.

Some likened his love for mobile phone and devices to his father who used to display his brick size handset on his belt while on stage.

So to them, Sulu had just moved on with the times and settled for the Bluetooth device.

Vocal da Poet wrote: “His father did the whole cellphone on the belt thing. I guess the obsession with mobile phone devices and accessories runs in the family.”

Sammy Gee Gurupira posted on her Facebook wall suggesting that Sulu was wearing a hearing aid. “Pamwe haanzwe, (maybe he’s got a hearing problem)” Chronicle