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Stampede at Jah Prayzah Joburg show

There was chaos at the Jah Prayzah show in Johannesburg on Saturday after hundreds of fans were refused entry because they did not have tickets which were only available via an online platform – Webtickets, and sold out before the show started.

jah-prayzah-joburg-show-packed-to-the-raftersResultantly, hundreds of fans turned up at the famous Bassline in Newton hoping to buy tickets at the door but were told they could not do so.

Irate fans demanded to be let in and started surging forward.

Some who had tickets found it difficult to get in due to the commotion, adding to the tension of the crowd.

Meanwhile, inside, the show was running late and about 2 000 fans were growing impatient.

The crowd outside finally managed to break in and a stampede into the venue ensued.

Security personnel sprayed them with fire extinguishers to stop the chaos.

Though scores piled into the venue without paying before the situation came under control, many fans were stuck outside.

One fan said: “No one told us how the mess up would be fixed so that angered us and the crowd forced open metal doors.”

She said when the security guards sprayed the extinguishers on them, some tried to run away and got injured in the process.

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“I was sprayed right in the eyes because I was in front. I just kneeled down waiting for help because I couldn’t see. I fell and hurt my leg.”

Later when the show started, Nox was first on stage.

He performed four songs before the chants for Jah Prayzah forced him off.

Paddy Watts was next, but got shocked when cans started flying on stage and he too had to make a hasty exit.

It was now after 11PM. Mabla, the guy from Jah Prayzah’s team who usually gets on stage first to ensure everything is in place took to the stage after Watts. The crowd settled down for a bit, but got impatient with him and he too got a baptism of cans and flying beer.

Then Jah Prayzah’s band came on and did a sound check while his dancers did some warm up moves. But the crowd had waited enough.

“Ti’kuda Jah! Ti’kuda Mudhara! (We want Jah! We want Mudhara!)”

Then the unthinkable happened. They too got cans flying their way.

As they dodged the flying aluminium, Jah came running onto the stage and wild cheers erupted.

The venue was packed beyond recommended capacity.

Jah brought it on. He gave a whammer of a performance and soon everyone seemed to forget the earlier chaos as they melted into euphoric Prayzah pleasure.

The show ended just before 2AM and before he left the stage, Jah apologised for the chaos that had taken place earlier and promised to get a bigger venue next time.

Yesterday, Jah Prayzah was in Cape Town where he was set to perform at the Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concert. Chronicle