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Lawyer Kucaca Phulu elected VP of Tendai Biti’s PDP party

Prominent Bulawayo lawyer Kucaca Phulu has been elected Vice President of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) which is led by former MDC-T Secretary General and Finance Minister in the 2009-2013 coalition government, Tendai Biti.

Prominent Bulawayo lawyer Kucaca Phulu (left) seen here with Tendai Biti (right)
Prominent Bulawayo lawyer Kucaca Phulu (left) seen here with Tendai Biti (right)

Phulu’s elevation follows the defection of former Water Resources Minister Sam Sipepa Nkomo who joined the Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) led by Joice Mujuru.

In ditching the PDP, Nkomo likened his former party to a luxury bus without wheels.

“The reason I left PDP is that we we’re seating in a bus, a luxurious bus; me as the vice president while Biti (the president) is the driver. We were like passengers’ in Extra City, the care was perfect and the bus was new. We were happy in the bus chanting slogans but the bus didn’t have wheels. If it doesn’t have wheels how can it move,” said Nkomo.

PDP’s national spokesperson Mr Jacob Mafume said the party would not waste its time responding to a man who has reached retirement age.

“We will not stoop so low to the extent of exchanging insults with our elderly people who need to be enjoying retirement, enjoying the fruits of their work.

“We live in a country where there is freedom of expression and freedom of opinion. If he has thought deeply and that is the best idea that he can come up with we defend his right to say that,” said Mr Mafume.