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Furious video dancers demand payment from Rev Chivaviro

By Sophia Chese-Msowa

Dancers who appeared in Daisy Mukariri’s video clip which was later incorporated in Rev Togarepi Chivaviro’s song “Mercy Rewrote My Life” are now demanding payment for their services.

Rev Togarepi Chivaviro
Rev Togarepi Chivaviro

The “Ebenezer” hit maker has been accused of stealing the upcoming gospel musician’s video clips but through his producer Ephraim Hawadi who admitted to having Daisy’s clips on his video said the unfortunate incident was a result of a mix up in the studio.

In an interview, one of the girls Mercy Dengura who appeared on the video said they were demanding payment from Chivaviro since dancing and appearing on videos was their way of living.

“We need him to pay us for appearing on his video, we have been paid by Daisy and he must do the same,” she said.

Meanwhile, Hawadi said they have since removed the clip on their song which they have released this week but the dancers said they will not change their stance since the first video in which they feature was already on the market.

“The fact that people have seen us on his video and have been calling us asking us if we are now working with Chivavirio makes us eligible for payment.

“How can he say they have removed the clip when the one which was released in which we feature is already circulating on the market?

“In this era of piracy that does not work,’’ she fumed.

However, Hawadi who has apologised to Daisy and the dancers said the ‘mix up’ was done by his interns whom he had assigned to do the video.

“We are really sorry for any inconvenience caused by the mix up that resulted in Daisy’s video clip being on my client Rev Chivaviro’s song and we have since removed the said clip and released a new video without Daisy’s dancers,” he said.

On the issue of paying the girls, the Hawadi said they would not pay them. “I don’t think I will be able to pay them, it was just a mix up and a few disc leaked, I don’t know but I can’t pay them,” he said.

The clip has two dancers Dengura and Amanda Manyowa. The Herald