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Caps United boss Uriri savages Chiyangwa

By Don Makanyanga

CAPS United board chairperson Lewis Uriri has come out guns blazing accusing Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) president Philip Chiyangwa of attempts to destroy the national game.

Flamboyant businessman Phillip Chiyangwa
Flamboyant businessman Phillip Chiyangwa

The Caps United  boss was suspended from “all football related matters” for  allegedly breaching  provisions of Article 13 (a) and 31 (i) of the ZIFA constitution by convening an unsanctioned meeting of Premier Soccer League clubs on 29 October 2016.

However, the Harare lawyer hit back at Chiyangwa in a strongly worded letter to the Zifa secretary general Joseph Mamutse saying his suspension was unconstitutional and further accusing Chiyangwa of dictatorial tendencies.

He said Chiyangwa’s administration was” bogus and fascist”.

“History is a fair judge and will vindicate those of us that have refused to stand by and watch the demise of the national game at the hands of fascist administration whose energies are misdirected at killing the game it ought to be promoting,” wrote Uriri, also an Advocate.

Uriri said he was not going to play into the hands of Chiyangwa describing his suspension as coming from a “kangaroo administration” and was not ready to accept the suspension.

“I refuse to bow to the illegitimate dictates of a demonic administration. Doing so is like trying to appease an evil spirit. The more one does so, the more the foul spirit demands one’s soul, body and spirit. I refuse to sell my soul and integrity.

“I will not submit to the illegitimate kangaroo processes of an administration whose sole agenda is self-preservation at the expense of the national game,” said the Harare football giants boss.

Uriri has vowed to fight his suspension and bring back sanity to football which he believes has gone the dogs.

“I will fight fire with fire, and thunder with thunder diplomacy has not worked,” he said.

“The only reason I will fight this to the bitter end is that I a man of principle and as Bismarck would say, great matters of the day will now have to be resolved by “blood and iron” within the confines of the law. The battle lines are drawn.”

Uriri also highlighted high levels of corruption within the football structures, an issue which has on numerous occasions taken centre stage.

“Congress has lost its authority. Counselors are drawn from ghost structures that are neither functional nor in good standing in respect of their membership obligations and ought properly not to attend congress. These spineless delegates from ghost structures are pampered with resources drawn from the seat of legitimate structures such as the PSL, and are used to blindly endorse the whims of the junta that has taken the national sport hostage,” he said. Radio VOP