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Outspoken musician Hosiah Chipanga registers political party

By Clayton Masekesa | The Zimbabwean |

Outspoken sungura musician Hosiah Chipanga , formally registered his opposition party The Kingdom of God On Earth: Devine Rule On Earth with Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) on Thursday to challenge ageing Robert Mugabe, the Zanu PF leader who has ruled Zimbabwe for nearly four decades.

Hosiah Chipanga
Hosiah Chipanga

In an interview with The Zimbabwean in Mutare, Chipanga said he will not contest against Mugabe in 2018, but, he will take over from Mugabe, whose era has been marked by vote-rigging, mass emigration, accusations of human rights abuses and economic decline.

He said he is already in the process of putting up structures nationwide and would soon launch his party. Mugabe is expected to stand again for election in 2018, but jockeying over his succession has intensified due to his advanced age and speculation about his health.

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Said Chipanga: “Contest is not the right word, but, I will takeover or walkover. 2018 is a man-made date for election, but, God has his own dates. It might be tomorrow.”

He added: “To the children of Zimbabwe I say God the Almighty loves you so much to the extent that he has selected you amongst other nations on the planet to be the first nation to fulfill the Lord’s Prayer of having his Kingdom established on earth in your country”

The popular musicain said Zimbabwe needed spiritual ideas that would help it from its social and economic doldrums.

“The situation right now needs God’s intervention. When it comes to matters of the nation, l respond from God’s point of view which is spiritual,” said Chipanga.

He said Zimbabwe was a great country full of potential but it was lacking God’s hand, hence, he believes he has the spiritual touch to change things in the country.

He said his party, The Kingdom of God On Earth: Devine Rule On Earth will unite the children of Zimbabwe for the betterment of their lives.

Chipanga explained that he formed the party after he tried to have a word with Mugabe on numerous occasion in trying to tell him solutions to the country’s problems, but was blocked by George Charamba who is the Mugabe’s spokesman.

“Some of the laws that are being used on our people now are even worse than those used by the Rhodesians. That is why at one time I have tried to contest elections in order to get Mugabe’s attention. Even my lyrics are designed to get his attention but all has been in vain. This time my party has been officially registered and I will take over in 2018,” explained Chipanga.

He claimed that he contributed towards the liberation of this country, but, said it was sad that the aim of the liberation struggle was now being misinterpreted.

“I was jailed in 1979 in Mozambique. During the liberation struggle I worked with Baba James Dambudzo Chikerema. I wrote a book that had ideas to our leaders on how to run Zimbabwe. Chikerema unfortunately died when he had my book,” claimed Chipanga.

“It was not only the blacks alone who fought and helped in the war of the liberation of this country. Many whites also assisted in one way or the other, if this can be remembered. The wish of our liberators was to see both black and white people live together as a people,” he said.

“Our country is poor but the leaders are busy copying and implementing the rich men’s policies,” he added. Chipanga said he foresees a brighter future for the country, if the current system of governance is completely overhauled.