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Robert Mugabe and his Comrades forfeited their self-proclaimed “Hero Status”

By Elijah Mangwengwende

Robert Mugabe and his Comrades forfeited their self-proclaimed “Heroes Status”. No one among them is truly worthy of being called a hero.

Elijah Mangwengwende
Elijah Mangwengwende

I won’t make any apology even to God for saying what I think is right and true. So what is the truth here, the truth is that Robert Mugabe and his surviving comrades are no longer our heroes for simple reasons known to everyone, it is true that every villain is a hero in his own mind even if facts on the ground points towards different meaning about heroism.

If murdering people you are ruling and forcing them to like you is heroism then I don’t want to be a hero. If raping our mothers, sisters and daughters is heroism then I don’t want to be a hero. If destroying future for generations to come is heroism then I don’t want to be a hero. If surviving through corruption, nepotism and looting is heroism then I don’t want to be a hero.

I will make no apologies even to those in the so called revolutionary party for telling them that they are blinded by riches  acquired through dubious means through sweat and pain of the downtrodden hence their desire to keep the ageing President into captivity just to protect their ill-gotten wealth.

To say Robert Mugabe is in the same league with the likes of Nelson Mandela, Sankara, Nyerere, Joshua Nkomo and many others is not only an insult to our minds but a clear provocation to our conscience and well-being as a nation. Its psychological violence to peddle lies about what a Hero is suppose to be, yet we know that manysleeping at the national shrine are there through patronage and corruption.

How can Border Gezi lie at the same place with Nkomo and Chitepo, how on earth can Chenjerai Hunzvi lie next to Solomon Mujuru? The list goes on and on but that’s not my focus. I want to highlight why ZANU PF doesn’t have heroes amongst them.

Murdering own people

Retaining power by any means possible doesn’t make someone a hero. 2008 is a dark chapter in our country, just like the regrettable Gukurahundi era, the presidential re-run turned the country into a war zone. But Why? Only because Mugabe and his ZANU PF lost an election therefore sacrificing innocent lives was a convenient option. Hundreds were butchered and maimed across the country. How can such people retain Heroism? Killing is killing, it doesn’t matter if its Chidumo or ZANU PF, nothing is heroical when killing innocent people.

Raping our mothers, sisters and daughters

Raping defenceless woman as punishment for supporting opposition parties in treacherous and inhumane. So how can we call such people heroes? Gathering at the National shrine celebrating raping Zimbabwean woman. Am sorry to say but Mugabe is not my hero.

Destroying future for generations to come

What is there for the young graduates or those doing grade 7 today? No jobs, industries closed, infrastructure is dilapidated and no hope for future. Only heroism left in them is when they send own children to study overseas with the money they are stealing from the public. I don’t see anything gallant in such behaviour. Yet they call each other heroes. Looting Heroes yes.


Since 1980 ZANU PF looted the country dry, even the national currency disappeared, they invented bearer cheques, which they duped people into exchanging hard earned cash with paper. They shared RBZ money through bearer cheques, bought tractors, harvesters, luxurious cars, honestly using National bank money. Obscene salaries, multiple farms, diamonds, education funds, the list is endless, they looted everything and there is nothing to steal now. Yet we call them heroes. Since when thieves and crooks are called Heroes?

Liberation War objectives: Land, equal opportunities, education and democracy

Nothing has been fulfilled. They shared all fertile farms amongst themselves, them elite ruling class, urban stands they are sharing, education system has collapsed now, and there is no democracy but mobocracy. I wonder why sons and daughters of Zimbabwe sacrificed their lives in Mozambique and Zambia only for a clique of Mafia to terrorise citizens and they want us to call them heroes. Over my dead body.

What is a Hero and who is a Hero?

We made a Mistake to trust political detainees with the fate of our country, Mugabe and Mnangagwa were in prison and must join The Zimbabwe Ex-Political Prisoners, Detainees and Restrictees Association’s (ZEPPDRA) and I doubt if they can operate a gun, they can shoot themselves. Kasukuwere and Gezi were babies during the war. Jonathan Moyo was studying somewhere.Patrick Zhuwao was still wearing nappies yet they all now call themselves Comrades. Comrades in What?

True Heroes

Joshua Nkomo should have been the President in 1980 because he fought real war not studying in Prison. Nkomo understood the objectives of the War, that’s why he protected Strive Masiiwa when vultures tried to loot his Econet. Nelson Mandela promoted peace among all races, he never changed to suit a defining situation and he even let go power.

One real life hero, is Martin Luther King, Jr. He showed just what a true hero is, a person who despite the consequences will stand for what is right, and a man who put his own life in danger just to make a difference in the future. His speech in Washington D.C gave hope to others that one day everyone would be equal no matter the colour of his or her skin. That itself is a heroic action, knowing the time period he was in – colour had always separated people, but he said it was time for a change.

Of course our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who were side-lined besides sheltering the guerrillas during the war are true heroes except for the few who chose to steal and define themselves as Real heroes and designed a graveyard to even enjoy peace in death, yes heroes of corruption, blood, rape, tears, hunger, unemployment, famine, Let them lie at the national shrine of which when time comes, Warren Park Cemetery will be merged with that polluted hill, we will bury everyone there.

No more heroes within ZANU Pf.  Only Self-proclamations.

Elijah Mangwengwende is a disgruntled citizen and writes in his personal capacity.