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BancABC tellers ‘loot’ over $60 000

By Whinsley Masara

Police in Bulawayo have arrested two bank tellers for allegedly stealing more than $60 000 from BancABC.

BancABC tellers ‘loot’ over $60 000
BancABC tellers ‘loot’ over $60 000

Sources at the bank alleged Hloniphani Ngwenya (33) of Emganwini Suburb and Progress Moyo (26) who resides in the central business district stole $60 000 and R10 540 from BancABC, Jason Moyo Street Branch on Monday.

Staff members said one of the two men had, before the theft was discovered, bragged that he could order pizza from South Africa to be delivered daily by plane for his lunch, because he could afford it.

The duo allegedly made fictitious entries into their daily float accounts to steal the money.

When the discrepancy was discovered, said a source, officials locked the duo in the bank overnight as they carried out investigations.

Police are said to have recovered about $5 600 in Moyo’s car the following morning.

“Tellers receive money called a daily float every morning, which they sign for. At the end of the day, the balance is checked against deposits and withdrawals that they attended to. On Monday, Ngwenya got a daily float of $80 000 and Moyo got $20 000,” said a source.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango yesterday said Ngwenya was still in custody.

“I can confirm we’ve arrested one of the tellers who was found with a shortfall of $55 000 and over R10 500 for theft and nothing has been recovered so far,” she said.

“The other teller was found in possession of $5 660 and he is out of custody as investigations are in progress.”

Explaining how the duo was caught, an official from the bank who declined to be named said: “At around 6PM, bank management conducted routine checks on all tellers to verify the business transactions on the computer system and cash on hand.

“Ngwenya had made a fictitious entry on his float and that prompted the manager to investigate further only to discover that the teller was out of balance to the tune of $55 000 and R10 540, which he failed to account for.”

“Moyo was found to have neglected to make entries for two deposits totalling $5 660 and he too failed to account for that cash.”

The official said management immediately contacted Fawcett’s security to verify whether excess cash had been deposited.

“There was no excess from the Fawcett side. On Tuesday morning, BancABC security arrived and began to conduct further investigations.”

“The two tellers denied stealing the money and insisted that it could have been mis-posted in the books. The police were called in. Moyo opened up and led the investigating team to his car where they recovered $5 660 that was stashed in the glove compartment,” said the official.

Ngwenya, said another source from the bank, stuck to his story. Police allegedly searched his house and did not find anything. The Chronicle