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Mugabe regime brutality will not defeat revolution – Mavhaire

By Jeffrey Muvundusi

BULAWAYO – Former Zanu PF politburo member, Dzikamai Mavhaire, said no amount of repression and brutality by the cornered President Robert Mugabe’s government can block the winds of political change blowing in Zimbabwe.

Dzikamai Mavhaire
Dzikamai Mavhaire

The former Energy minister — who is famed for publicly telling Mugabe more than two decades ago that he must step down  — told the Daily News on Friday, in the wake of a ban of their rally by police, that “we will see for how long they will beat up people”.

“No police brutality, no army or Central Intelligence Organisation operatives’ brutality can defeat a peaceful revolution, nowhere in the world,” he said, adding that “this is why Mahatma Ghandi spoke about passive resistance and non-cooperation”.

“Zanu PF is behaving like super human beings in a land where we are supposed to be equals in the face of law. For instance, Zanu PF youths are superior when they are supposed to be equal to everybody else,” said Mavhaire — now a senior official in the Joice Mujuru-led Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) opposition party.

“Sometimes it’s necessary for them to behave like that (beat up protestors) so that people will understand how cruel the regime is,” he said.

Mavhaire said government’s rallies ban is “normal, we expected it, we have been in this game for long enough, our followers understand that it’s part of the struggle”.

He said it was disheartening that Zanu PF was reacting violently to the long suffering masses’ demands, adding that it was unfortunate that the ruling Zanu PF government was preoccupied with using State apparatus to fight its opponents, while turning a blind eye to the crumbling nation.

“If you look at the way things are going, who doesn’t know, including Zanu PF, that things are not going on well?” he questioned.

“There should be common sense to say how best can we correct the situation? What policies can change the situation?” he quizzed, further saying that “the problem is that everything is centred on power, they just want to protect their power”.

Turning to Mugabe, Mavhaire expressed disgust over the 92-year-old leader’s inconsiderate utterances against his perceived opponents.

“At one point, they said Mavhaire stole one million from Zesa but why then am I walking scot free. He (Mugabe) said Nicholas Goche was a sniper, why then is he now going back to government?”

“As if that is not enough, we were told that (Joice) Mujuru practiced witchcraft. His (Mugabe) statements flew against anti-Witchcraft Act but because he (Mugabe) cannot be arrested, he can recklessly say anything anytime,” Mavhaire said.

“Age militates against his (Mugabe) arrest and his powers. If you respond, they say you have attacked the person of the president but for him to lie to the whole nation, is that okay?” he questioned further. Daily News