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Military visit to Trevor Ncube home: More details emerge

By Tatenda Dewa | Harare Bureau |

Trevor Ncube, has reported recent visits to his home by army servicemen to the police and revealed that a military intelligence vehicle was used by men in presidential guard attire.

Trevor Ncube endorsing ThisFlag campaign in Zimbabwe
Trevor Ncube endorsing ThisFlag campaign in Zimbabwe

The men visited his Harare house last Sunday and on Monday and reportedly harassed Ncube’s residential employees.

Ncube is the publisher of Alpha Media Holdings (AMH), a stable that runs NewsDay, the Standard, the Zimbabwe Independent and Southern Eye.

In a recent Facebook update, Ncube hailed the police for handling his complaint professionally.

“The report… was made at Highlands Police Station and police were professional and sympathetic. We now have a reference number.

“Preliminary indications are that car registration number BBC 7664 belongs to military intelligence. The military uniform and beret hats are similar to the Presidential Guard outfit. Strange! Military intelligence and/or Presidential Guard visiting a civilian residence?” said Ncube.

He added: “we have been warned by those familiar with both the Presidential Guard and military intelligence that this is not a good visit at all.”

He said the visits were acts of intimidation but “totally uncalled for”.

“Could this be the same people that disappeared Itai Dzamara (sic)? Nobody knows…Is a third visit possible? Who knows!! And with what consequences? Nobody Knows!!” wrote Ncube. Nehanda Radio