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Headless body at accident scene

By Pamela Shumba

A MAN from Bulawayo died after his skull was crushed by a vehicle along Plumtree Road near the ZB Bank in the Belmont industrial area.

Headless body at accident scene
Headless body at accident scene

The unidentified man’s skull was crushed on impact during the accident that occurred at about 7PM on Sunday.

Details of the accident could not be immediately obtained from the police and the Fire Brigade yesterday, but horrified motorists and passersby described it as gruesome.

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When The Chronicle went to the scene, blood could be seen on the tarmac.

A motorist who spoke on condition of anonymity said he did not spend much time at the scene as he could not stand the sight of the crushed head.

“It was already dark and I was driving along Plumtree Road on Sunday evening. I saw a male body with no head lying on the road adjacent to ZB Bank and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“I think it had just happened because the police were yet to attend the scene. The driver who had run over the man had stopped and the bumper of his car had fallen off. He was shaken and didn’t know what to do,” said the motorist.

“When I drove to town on Monday morning, I saw blood where the accident had occurred.”

A security guard, who requested anonymity, said he didn’t see the accident happening but saw cars suddenly stopping and motorists gathering around accident scene.

“Unfortunately I couldn’t move closer to see because I was on duty, but I saw people gathering around the body and I could tell that something terrible had happened.

“Police later attended the scene and collected the body,” said the security guard. The Chronicle