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Ex-Zanu PF stalwarts mock Mugabe

By Blessings Mashaya

Former Zanu PF stalwarts Didymus Mutasa and Dzikamai Mavhaire say it feels good to be in the opposition especially at a time when the ruling party is consumed in endless succession fights and is also facing rising public anger.

Former Presidential Affairs minister and People First stalwart Didymus Mutasa
Former Presidential Affairs and State Security minister Didymus Mutasa

Speaking at the Zimbabwe People First (ZPF) rally in Chinhoyi on Saturday, both Mutasa and Mavhaire, who are former Cabinet ministers, said developments in Zanu PF are embarrassing.

“Takadzingwa muZanu PF tinozvitenda kwazvo izvozvo, nekuti ndingadai ndiri kunyarira kupi izvozvi, ndainyara zvakaipa kwazvo (I am happy that I am out of Zanu PF otherwise I would be facing this embarrasment), even those who are still in Zanu PF are ashamed,” Mutasa said.

The former State Security minister said Zanu PF has collapsed and Mugabe is now clueless on how to solve the current economic woes.

“We must not be amazed that they are expelling party members, they will expel them until Mugabe and his wife remain the only members of Zanu PF.

“They are now clueless on how to take this country forward; they are the ones who destroyed this country so they don’t have the solution.

“If you ask about the $15 billion from diamonds, if you hear the president saying he doesn’t know where the money is it means they have no clue to solve our crisis. Why doesn’t he know?

Mutasa also added that ZPF will send Mugabe packing in 2018.

“…Mujuru is a humble person, we worked with her for a long time, come 2018 Zanu PF will be history.”

And former Energy minister Mavhaire chipped in saying people must feel sorry for “old” Mugabe whom he said is now an “ancestor”.

“We cannot describe Mugabe as a young man no, neither can we call him grandfather but if we call him ancestor that is more like it.

“He must know that his time is now up, and due to his age, he doesn’t know what to do with the current crisis but we must feel sorry for this old man.”

After ZPF had initially been banned from conducting the rally, Mavhaire also attacked the police.

“We were once arrested so there is nothing they can do to deter us. The police must refuse to be used by other political parties and they must know that things change. The soldiers and police must know that we are going to take over from Mugabe’s government in 2018.” Daily News