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Tocky Vibes happy with album response

By Tawanda Marwizi

Dancehall star Obey Makamure, known as Tocky Vibes, is happy with the response his latest album “Kwata Zonke” is getting.

Tocky Vibes (right) and manager Elvis Bokosha
Tocky Vibes (right) and manager Elvis Bokosha

Speaking through his manager Elvis Bokosha the young musician said the response to his album has been good.

“When the album was released people thought it was something else but they have managed to give it time. The response is encouraging,” he said.

He said songs “Wadhakwa Ngedoro” and “Mari” are the songs that have been well received by his fans. Bokosha said local and international promoters are after the musician’s signature.

“I tell you we have a number of promoters coming along. Right now we have local and international promoters who have booked dates,” he said.

Bokosha said they have hired new band members that are doing very well.

Over the weekend he performed at Gweru Agricultural Show together with Andy Muridzo and the musician thrilled hundreds of people.

“As far as I know the musician is not down. His music needs time to listen (sic). He has made his mistakes yes but at the moment he has put his house in order,” he said.

Other tracks on the album are “Mhaiwe”, “Kwata Zonke”, “Tirabhuru”, “Chinhango”, “Wangu Warova”, “Tushiri”, “Shamwari”, “Ndarepwa”,”Attack kuSugar”, “Women I need you”, “Wamugonera”, “Chigumbu”, and “Handichadzokera”

Despite making an impact in the sector with songs like “Ayenda Nenyika”, “Mhai” and “Ndini Ndinorira”, the musician failed to keep the momentum.

Though he was adamant that his previous album “Toti Toti” was good it did not yield results for him.

He has been credited for bringing “clean” lyrics at a time when dancehall music was condemned for dirty lyrics and fights that saw many mature listeners denouncing the genre. Things started to fall apart when the musicians performed dismally at big shows and he was quickly labelled a spent force. The Herald