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Student to pay maintenance

By Tedious Manyepo

A Harare Civil Court magistrate on Friday ruled that a 20-year-old student should pay $35 per month towards the upkeep of his child.

File picture of Harare Civil Courts
File picture of Harare Civil Courts

The student, Tafadzwa Makanda, who is studying motor mechanics, appeared before Harare Civil Courts, where his ex-girlfriend, Natasha Chengeta, was demanding $300 monthly for the upkeep of their two-year- old child.

Chengeta, a hairdresser, acknowledged that Makanda was a tertiary student, but argued that he still has the means to raise the $300 she was claiming.

“Your Worship, I need $300 per month from this man for the upkeep of the minor child. Of course, I confirm that he is a student but he owns a cellphone business and also runs a lucrative poultry project.

“I am a hairdresser and realise as little as $30 per month. So I want him to chip in and help me raise our child. I know he has the means,” she said.

Makanda, however, disputed owning any business venture and challenged Chengeta to bring proof before the courts.

“I cannot afford to part with such an amount. I am a student studying towards a qualification in motor maintenance. I can only offer about $20 for the upkeep of the child.

“I don’t own any business enterprise as she is alleging. She can go and obtain any evidence to support her claims. Otherwise I am still under my parents’ wings,” he said.

Magistrate Ms Yeukai Dzuda ordered Makanda to pay $35 a month as maintenance for his minor child starting on May 31.

Meanwhile, a Harare-based kombi driver who claims that his contract was terminated last week after the owner of the business decided to sell his fleet, has been ordered to pay $50 per month for his child’s upkeep.

Luckmore Chipadze appeared before the Civil Court where his 17-year- old ex- wife was demanding $200 for their child’s well-being.

The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the court that Chipadze was in a position to pay that amount because he would bring home more than that amount when they were still husband and wife.

Chipadze, on the other hand, said he could not meet the teenager’s demands since he was no longer employed.

He was ordered to pay $50 per month for his one-year-old child’s upkeep with effect from May 31. The Herald