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Makandiwa claims to have prophesied Zambia xenophobic attacks

Controversial Zimbabwean preacher Emmanuel Makandiwa claims to have prophesied the xenophobic violence that rocked Zambia last week.

Makandiwa claims to have prophesied Zambia xenophobic attacks
Makandiwa claims to have prophesied Zambia xenophobic attacks

More that 400 soldiers were deployed in the Zambia capital Lusaka to end the violence that ensued after foreigners were accused by locals of being linked to ritual killings. At least two people were burnt to death during the disturbances.

But now in TB Joshua (Nigerian prophet) style, Makandiwa has released a video on his Emmanuel Makandiwa You Tube channel, claiming to have prophesied about the violence.

In the video, Makandiwa is said to have made the prophecy on the 9th of April, two days before the violence in Zambia broke out.

“You see, we are coming from different backgrounds and different countries. And most of the countries are represented here. And I normally take this as an opportunity to share with you some of the prophecies that are national, regional and international.

“Keep on praying for the nation of Zambia, because as I was praying for that nation, because normally I pray for nations. …I am seeing a group teaming up, gathering themselves together and formulating a terrorist group because I saw it and it wasn’t good gathering but in Zambia, because these people they once had meetings like twice now and the Lord allowed me to appear as they were having their discussions.

“So is it a nationality thing, its not from foreigners, its a problem, its an in-house problem, its a protest against that. We need to pray for Zambia so that we will not start hearing, its unheard of in Zambia. But if we don;t pray very soon, you will see it coming out as Breaking News. I’m seeing it coming up but we need to pray,” Makandiwa says in the clip.

The excerpt for the video says “Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa prophesied that he could see a group teaming up and gathering themselves together to formulate a terrorist group in Zambia. Prophet Makandiwa could see the formation of the group as well as the evil intentions and how they would orchestrate their plans.”

But just like TB Joshua, the prophecy videos are always uploaded after the event.