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Ex-Iyasa star displays nude pictures

By Tarisai Machakaire

For Austria-based artiste Futurelove Sibanda, art is a mere expression of oneself regardless of whatever form it takes.

Miss Uglyisha
Miss Uglyisha

The former member of Inkululeko Yabatsha School of Arts (Iyasa) recently pulled a shocker when he displayed on social media a collage of his “nude” pictures captured in a bush and on a beach.

Surprisingly, the social media followers of Sibanda, who is also known as Uglyshia, generally supported the ex-Iyasa star’s view that the pictures are “great works of art”.

“There was really nothing special about those pictures, a friend of mine captured those and I thought they were beautiful.

“Seriously, it was spontaneous as I just said I wanted awesome pictures and the place was beautiful so I just went for it. I had nothing to be shy of. We see naked people on films every day and I think I am just one of them. It’s just art,” said Sibanda.

The artiste moved to Austria in 2009 to study dance pedagogy.

“It has been a lovely learning process. I am happy I took that step. My personal greatest achievement here in Austria was the formation of my own band Future and The Lovers. We mostly play pop music and also incorporate elements of African traditional songs, and the reception has been great,” he said.

While in Austria, he has shared the stage with artistes like Insingizi, Jeys Marabini, Hugh Masekela, Hope Masike and Angeline Kidjo.

Surprisingly, Sibanda does not have memories of his passion for dance at a tender age as he only became a professional after joining Iyasa.

“Honestly, I never thought or realised I was a dancer. I only knew I could try to sing as I always sang at home with my mother till I joined Iyasa.  That’s when I started exploring my dancing ability.

“I started taking dancing seriously at the age of 19 and since we became popular for that, I enjoyed travelling around Africa and within Zimbabwean borders with Iyasa. Nothing bad happened between me and Iyasa I grew up and left,” said Sibanda.

As a result of studying dance pedagogy, Sibanda has come to appreciate it as a form of art which he says, is used as a means of communication in other parts of the world where there is no freedom of speech.

“Now that I have studied dance at university, I have come to understand it on an intellectual level not just as entertainment. Dance is one of the best ways to express feelings or present situations that some people can’t express verbally.

“For example, lyrical dance, in some countries that do not have freedom of speech, dancers use their body language to express their thoughts or mind on economic, social or political issues. It is a great way of communication.” Daily News