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Killer T — From conductor to stardom

By Vasco Chaya

“Never despise the day of humble beginnings” — the proverbial and conventional saying applies well to multi-award winning Zimdancehall artiste Killer T as he started off as a mere commuter omnibus conductor.

Killer T and Comic Pastor
Killer T and Comic Pastor

Killer T, real name Kelvin Kusikwenyu who recently won four awards at the Zimdancehall Awards held at Club 1+1 in the capital recently told the Daily News on Sunday that he never knew that he was massively talented until he tried his luck in music.

The Mbare-based artiste was the biggest winner at the recently-held Zimdancehall Awards ceremony as he bagged awards in the following categories— Best Social Message Song (Chikorobho); Best Male Artiste; Best Album of the Year and Best Collaboration of the Year with Fungisayi Zvakavapano-Mashavave (Vanondibatirana).

“I used to operate kombis plying the Mbare-City route and I never knew that I had this talent until I tried my luck in music. I started music with the aim of passing time but it later turned into a profession after I realised that ghetto youths were being entertained by my songs,” said the 27-year-old-artiste.

The Ngoma Ndaimba hit maker stormed the Zimdancehall scene with hits such as Suspects, Tirikumhanya, Officer Mirai Chirukazi, Makarova Gunners and Ziso Rako Hameno among others. Killer T recently won an award for composing a best social message song— Chikorobho — off the award-winning album Ngoma Ndaimba.

“Growing up without parents is not an easy thing, it forces you to mature and face the hardships of life at an early stage. I lost both parents at a very tender age and grew up under my siblings’ custody as I am the last born in a family of five.

“My background is still influencing some of the songs I am still writing today. Apart from influencing my music, my background taught me to be independent and hardworking such that I can look after myself,” he said.

The artiste said he has no plans to look for employment as he is now concentrating on growing his brand as an artiste.

“Now that I am popular, things are starting to shape up though it was tough at first. Hatichatarise kumwe asi kuti pangoma chete nekuti kuimba chipo chakabva kunaMwari. (I will not look back when it comes to music).

“I am committed to music, it is my desire to keep working hard in growing my music brand and spread my influence to other countries on the globe,” he said.

Born in Mbare, the Kuvhiringa Pattern singer says he enjoys living in this childhood suburb and has no ambitions to relocate to affluent suburbs despite his breakthrough in music.

“I was born here and I shall die here, that is where I get my inspiration on a daily basis and apart from that, I enjoy life in Mbare.  If I leave Mbare surely I will lose focus especially the way I compose lyrics,” he said. Daily News