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Taso slams Zimdancehall artistes

By Vasco Chaya

Yesteryear Pantsula musician Taso has criticised Zimdancehall artistes for lacking creativity. The artiste, who was born Shepherd Kunodziya, said that the bulk of songs by Zimdancehall artistes are replete with trivial issues.

Yesteryear Pantsula musician Taso
Yesteryear Pantsula musician Taso

“I do not see any value in the new genre (Zimdancehall) as the bulk of the artistes tend to concentrate on trivial issues while ignoring real issues affecting the society. The few Zimdancehall artistes who are trying their best include Killer T.

“If one listens to Zimdancehall music, you will just hear these young artistes praising themselves. Self-glorification lyrics don’t impress me at all,” said Taso after making a rare performance at the City Sports Bar on Monday.

Taso, who has 10 albums to his name, added that Zimdancehall artistes should make the most of their popularity among the youths.

“They should learn from Killer T whose music is full of constructive messages. A musician is like a teacher and as such they should strive to educate people listening to their music.

“I encourage Zimdancehall artistes to capitalise on their popularity by teaching the young generation our cultural norms and values,” he said.

Taso recently returned to Zimbabwe after a two-year stint in Durban, South Africa.

“I have lined up an album consisting of gospel and secular songs which I plan to launch before June.

“I am now a Christian and that has influenced me to compose some gospel tracks,” he said.

Taso is now a member of Walter Magaya’s Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries which is also home to First Farai and Nicholas Zakaria among others.

“Composing gospel tracks was not a challenge to me considering that my music was never too secular. I have been always composing decent songs that were influenced by gospel teachings,” he claimed. Daily News