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ALERT: Bogus interview circulating on Whatsapp

By Lance Guma

I would like to inform our loyal listeners and readers that there is a bogus audio/video interview being circulated on Whatsapp featuring a man who claims to be Lance Guma interviewing a Harare woman known as Geraldine Baye.

Bogus interview circulating on Whatsapp
Bogus interview circulating on Whatsapp

Geraldine was recently in the news after allegedly taking part in a ritual that involved mixing human waste with semen in a plot to win the heart of a wealthy businessman identified as Ishmael Matyenyika.

I have not interviewed anyone by the name of Geraldine Baye. All the interviews we conduct are uploaded onto our websites Nehanda Radio and Nehanda TV. We also upload interviews onto our official You Tube and SoundCloud accounts.

While it is certainly puzzling why someone of a sane mind would go to these bizarre lengths, it is certainly obvious to me who did this and why. Unfortunately for you, trying to blow my candle will not make your own candle burn brighter.

I feel sorry for this failed broadcaster who naively believes serving a discredited prophet will give him relevance in our society. While we seek to serve our readers with news and information some expend their efforts trying to appease dubious prophets.

We will continue to cover news without fear or favour and will not be distracted by childish antics like this one. Our listeners and readers know the official channels on which our content is distributed and will not be swayed by poor attempts at maligning us.

Let me end with a warning. While you might think you have anonymity on Whatsapp, spend time and reflect on how easy it is to trace the source of this audio/video to its originator if I really wanted to waste my time on this issue.

Listen to the FAKE interview below

  1. Jekiseni says

    The bible says he who lives by the sword will die by the sword Mathew 26:52. you have falsely attacked prophets, you have circulated fake interviews and videos against men of God. Now you are tasting your own medicine why are you crying foul? I quote, “it is certainly puzzling why someone (journalists) of a sane mind would go to these bizarre lengths (of posting fake videos and interviews against prophets of God), it is certainly obvious to me (the church) who did this and why. Unfortunately for you (anti prophets journalists), trying to blow my candle (the light of the world being Jesus whom the prophets preach) will not make your own candle burn brighter.”

    1. Take Take says

      Jeki, while i respect your concerns about Lance’s “bad” journalistic stance, it will be prudent to deal with this on a case by case basis. in this case, its clear to me that the interview was not done by Lance.

  2. cash says

    why do you want to lie to us? It is you interviewing that woman. You now feel embarassed by your own actions and bad character you want to disown yourself? This is part of what happens to a man whe you begin to fight true prophets of God

    1. Take Take says

      Cash, listen to the recording again carefully. and compare with any other interview that he has done. i genuinely do not think that this was Lance.

  3. Take Take says

    Definately this is not Lance Guma, even the language command is far from from being close to that of Lance. Though the guy really tried to emulate Lance, the voice is not Guma. In fact, the musical that was used was recorded. The stooped too low and does not deserve our attention.

  4. Profit Angel says

    Only a retard would believe that interview was done by Lance Guma

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