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What if Jesus Christ never existed: What would you do?

By Awakened Brother

We have all read the Bible, and we have all heard the story of Jesus, but what if everything that you have ever known about him turned out not to be true?

What if Jesus Christ never existed: What would you do?
What if Jesus Christ never existed: What would you do?

What if everything that you have ever been told regarding his life is’t really fact based. What if somebody informs you that the biblical narrative of Jesus isn’t a historical fact that could be proved; would that ever shake your religious beliefs somehow? Would that offend you or would that alter your overall views on religion?

As bold and controversial as this might sound, I am here to inform you that there was never a man by the name of Jesus Christ to ever walk on this planet called earth.

There was never a man who was a Son of God, born of a Virgin in a stable on the 25th of December, and went on to die and come back to life three days later either in April or March (the months Christians celebrate Easter).

As a matter of fact the whole biblical narrative of Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples is nothing else but an allegorical or mythological story that tells a story of the Sun up in the sky on its annual pilgrimage along the 12 zodiacal constellations. And I can prove it.

At best the story of Jesus is likely to be loosely based on an enlightened mystic initiate by the name Yehoshua. The reader would be forgiven for making the assumption that the author is perhaps anti-religious or anti Christian.

As a matter of fact you couldn’t be any further from the truth. You see ,I am a young middle aged male who was born in a Christian family and have been an active born again and baptised Christian for a big chunk of my life. I have even met some of the nicest and kindest people in the various churches that I have attended over the years.

This article is not in any shape or form an attack on the ordinary Christian people or even the preachers that lead so many congregations.

I wrote this article to simply lay down the facts that hold the truth. Through research and careful examination of the Bible, I have discovered and come to the solid, unshaken conclusion that the whole Bible is not a literary book and should never ever be read as one.

The Bible is a very important book that was written by ancient philosophers of Egypt and Greece. The literal stories within the Bible cover a variety of subjects that range from Astrology, Cosmology, Physiology, Biology, Geometry, Philosophy, Chemistry and even Quantum Physics.

The knowledge within the Bible was regarded as sacred and only the High Priests and those regarded as worthy would be initiated in the mystic rites to be taught the real hidden meanings within these books. The Bible authors wrote these books in two forms.

They would present an exoteric literal story that is widely accepted by all even by the profane and the ignorants, but deep within the story there would be an esoteric message. Esoteric knowledge is deep cryptic hidden meaning that only those deserving of knowing will be given the keys of knowledge.

The biblical story of Jesus Christ is the oldest and the greatest story that was ever told. The story of Jesus is just a re-written story of the Egyptian Horus who was the only son born of his Virgin mother Isis. There are also a variety of other cults and religions of antiquity that have re-tolled this story using their own deities.

The Christian Jesus is just a personified or metamorphosed story of the Sun up in the sky. Also it is not a coincidence that the Gospels authors are four, this is because the story of the Sun up in the sky is told by the four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

In its annual mission, the Sun passes through the 12 star constellations up in the sky, hence Jesus had 12 disciples. Jesus is known to be born on the 25th of December, this is true because the Sun is cosmically born on this day too.

After a long winter with shortened days, the Sun abruptly stops moving southwards in its pilgrimage. On the 22nd, 23rd and the 24th of December, the Sun appears to be dead on the spot because in the previous months it had been moving at a rate of one degree every month going southward.

In the Northern Hemisphere, where the Bible was written, on the 25th of December the Sun appears to be moving again, but this time northbound-hence the ancients thought a new Sun was born.

Also the story of King Herod seeking to murder the baby Jesus is just an allegory. In this story, King Herod is representing the Powers of Darkness brought in by the miserable evil winter. King Herod who is the winter season had a perfect opportunity to kill the Light of the world, the new King of the people – the Sun.

Also the reader must note that Jesus was born in the zodiacal sign of Capricorn and that is the reason why he is often depicted as being suckled by a goat because star sign of Capricorn is a goat. Jesus is the giver of life who would raise people from the dead.

Jesus is the son of God who came to feed and enlighten mankind. Of course he is because he is the personification of the Sun of God. Without the Sun every vegetation and animal dies and mankind would lack enlightenment and life.

Jesus performed miracles by raising people from the dead. This is further proof that we are talking about the Sun here. There is nothing else in Nature that performs more miracles than our Sun in the sky who is our Risen Saviour. The Sun dies and resurrect every night and day, how can we not glorify it?

A mature Jesus is often depicted as a strong man who is heavily bearded with long golden hair hung over his shoulders. This is not a coincidence because the Sun is at its brightest and strongest in summer. The Christian Easter holiday is nothing else but a celebration of the Sun that had died in winter for three days buried in a tomb and then resurrect.

The reader should also be informed that just like Samson, who also is allegorical ,the Sun enters the zodiac house of Delilah Virgo (September to October), where its rays get cut off and loses all its strength. Let us also not forget that the month of October has a zodiacal sign of Scorpio. The Scorpio is a back biter that will give you the kiss of death.

This is where the story of Judas came from. It is all allegorical. Also on a side note just to prove that the Bible is not a literal book ,the reader should understand that the story of King Solomon, who also is a representation of the Sun with his 700 wives and 300 concubines is just an allegorical story.

Here, King Solomon represents the Sun, and the 700 wives are the seven planets. The concubines are nothing else but a representation of the asteroid belt.

Next time you pick and read the Bible, please always remember that this book is not a literal book and none of the characters and events mentioned here ever took place in real life. Why do you think the character of Jesus often spoke in parables?

There are so many examples I could have picked from the Bible. The Bible is a very important spiritual book that has coded and cryptic esoteric knowledge that is hidden deep down within the literal exoteric literal message.

The main problem with religion these modern days is that the churches and their preachers are leading so many people astray by preaching and teaching people of things they have absolutely no idea what they are about.

Unless an individual has been enlightened and thoroughly taught about the esoteric teachings within the Bible, no one has any right to stand on the pulpit on a Sunday and preach Jesus.