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Cuthbert Dube faces Zifa axe

By Godknows Matarutse

HARARE – Cuthbert Dube is heading for the axe at Zifa after President Robert Mugabe accused him of abuse of funds from the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier played against Guinea two weeks ago.

Zifa boss Cuthbert Dube
Zifa boss Cuthbert Dube

The long-serving Zifa president has placed his career in jeopardy after failing to account for gate-takings.

Trouble started when Mugabe told a luncheon to mark the official opening of the third session of the eighth Parliament on Tuesday, that there were reports the former Premier Service Medical Aid Society boss was abusing football funds.

This prompted outgoing Sports minister Andrew Langa to summon the Zifa president and some board members to explain the alleged mismanagement of the association’s funds.

The Zimbabwe National Soccer Supporters Association also moved in swiftly and opened a docket with the police against Zifa after questioning how some of the board members ended up sharing money grossed from the game.

Zifa raked in $88 000 but reportedly made a loss of $12 000 amid charges four board members each received $2 800 from the day’s gate takings at Rufaro Stadium on September 6. A further $1 200 was also reportedly signed for by Fungai Chihuri as travel and subsistence allowance.

At least $20 000 provided by celebrity preacher Walter Magaya was not captured in the books with Zifa claiming it paid Herentals College $3 000 for buses for both Zimbabwe and Guinea. Herentals says it did not receive any cash from Zifa.

At least $12 000 provided by a Harare businessman for tickets purchase for the Warriors’ foreign-based players was reported to have been reimbursed, but the businessman says he did not receive any cash.

Now an October 3, extra-ordinary meeting scheduled for Zifa Village in Mt Hampden is set to seal Dube’s fate.

Mugabe said: “We are saying we are not yet there, the cake is still small for people to share. When you take gate-takings from people who would have paid to watch soccer, where are you saying the money is coming from?

“You don’t even have the conscience of saying this is wrong, instead you are saying I am entitled to it. Haa! we are saying enough is enough to that kind of greediness, that we cannot have as a country,” the 91-year-old said, pounding the podium.

“I don’t believe it when I hear that Dube is taking money, but haa, this is worrying.”

The match attracted one of the biggest crowds seen at Rufaro Stadium in recent years. Daily News