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Recycling ‘failed politics’ will deepen Zimbabwe’s demise

Freedom Justice Coalition Zimbabwe (FJCZ) spokesman Dumi Senda has cautioned Zimbabweans against what he described as “hamster wheel politics” saying this will only deepen the socioeconomic and political crises in the country.

Dumi Senda
Dumi Senda

Senda was commenting on the manifesto released by former Vice President Joice Mujuru in which she promised to save Zimbabwe from its current political crisis.

Referencing a book by the internationally acclaimed Zimbabwean author No-Violet Bulawayo “We need new names”, Senda said that as difficult as change is to entertain let alone achieve, recycling old politicians will not bring plausible development to Zimbabwe.

According to Senda “what Zimbabwe needs are new ideas underpinned by institutional integrity based on a political system that has clear and implementable processes which can hold any individual accountable.”

“In the past three decades Zimbabweans have endured politics based on the whims of individuals who flout party and national constitutions at will to sustain their power. This is not sustainable,” he insisted.

“What is worse, turning to the same old politics which has been proven to be a complete failure, expecting different results is counterproductive,” he said.

Senda acknowledged that it will take a lot of time and hard work for Zimbabwean citizens to have faith in new political parties such as Freedom Justice Coalition Zimbabwe (FJCZ).

“The FJCZ are not asking Zimbabweans to trust them but rather they are asking Zimbabweans to trust themselves to be the guardians of Zimbabwean politics by demanding transparency and accountability.”

“What sets FJCZ apart from the old parties in Zimbabwe is that it is a genuine grassroots democratic party built by Zimbabweans across the globe who are at the forefront of community work and activism and professionals who volunteered their time to contribute towards establishing a party which is stronger than any of its members individually.

“One way we have ensured that we do not curve in to the ‘failed politics’ symptomatic of Zimbabwean parties is to have citizen participation, transparency and accountability as the unshaken pillars of FJCZ by desisting from clandestine funding sources amongst other things.

“In the end, while we do not have the benefit of the euphoria generated by ‘celebrity politicians’ in Zimbabwe and the access to the unlimited funds for electioneering by those in control of state coffers.

“What we undoubtedly have is a new vision for Zimbabwe based on extensive consultation with the grassroots through our flagship Community Outreach initiatives,” said Senda.

“It is this which we believe can give Zimbabwean citizens meaningful ownership of their destiny and stir the country away from the inevitable disaster that awaits us if we do not demonstrate necessary courage to depart from the ‘Business As Usual’ approach to politics and enable unrestrained participation of every citizen,” he said.