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Come get your money: Update on the appeal for girl who was conned

By Lance Guma

This week Nehanda TV received a video showing the heartbreaking moment a young woman in Harare realized she had been conned into parting with money that was meant for her school fees.

Young woman conned by thieves in Harare
Young woman conned by thieves in Harare

According to a citizen reporter who filmed the video, the young woman, in a scam known as “Chadonha” was promised a job and told to put her own money in an envelop so that it would not be mixed up with company money.

When she got the envelope back, it contained worthless tissue papers. We understand she lost $162 and so we decided to start an appeal to help her get the money back and be able to pay the fees. (You can follow the progress of the appeal here and see who donated).

Through the generosity of our readers, we have raised enough to compensate what she lost and in fact give her nearly double what was taken from her by those heartless thieves.

This could happen to anyone and her plight touched many of our readers who did not hesitate to help. We are currently trying to track the young lady down and have been told she stays in Malbourough or Mabelreign in Harare. Any help in tracking her is welcome.

Thank You: Happy ending for Harare Girl

We are currently liaising with the police in Harare to track her down. They have told us they want her name or the date on which this happened.

Unfortunately the person who recorded the video is not sure and says it was between the 20th of July and the 2nd of August 2015.

We appeal to any of our readers who recall this incident to also help. The incident took place at the corner of First Street and Nkwame Nkrumah in Harare.

Our hope is that she reported the matter to the police, which would really help us track her, but if she did not, we hope she will reach out to us and collect her money.

Our team on the ground and the person who recorded the video will no doubt be present at the hand over of the money and help with the verification.

I would like to thank everyone who made this appeal a success. I am really humbled by your generosity. Now lets find this girl and show her that there are people who care.

Thank You: Happy ending for Harare Girl