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Man caught having sex with mother

By Munyaradzi Musiiwa

GOKWE – In an incident that has left Gokwe villagers tongue-tied, a 46-year-old businessman was caught red-handed having sex with his 77-year-old mother. The baffling incident occurred last week on Thursday.

The incident has left Gokwe villagers tongue
The incident has left Gokwe villagers tongue

Village Head Mantiya got the shock of his life when he found Goliath Mapolisa of Mantiya Village, under Chief Njelele in Gokwe, sleeping with his mother, Mrs Ester Mapolisa.

Chief Njelele confirmed the incident, saying he had summoned the businessman to appear before his traditional court to answer to incest charges.

“I heard about the issue and I have summoned the man to appear before my court. It is something that we do not accept in our culture for a man to have sex with his own mother. I got the report from village head Mantiya that there was a man who was sleeping with his biological mother,” he said.

Village head Mantiya said he learnt of the incestuous relationship two weeks ago when he was tipped-off by neighbours who had seen the two making love in the man’s house.

“What happened is that some villagers came to me and told me that Goliath was bedding his biological mother. I then went to his house at around 9pm yesterday (Thursday), and found him sleeping with his mother. It is taboo in our culture for someone to have sex with his own mother. I have taken the matter to Chief Njelele who will preside over the case,” he said.

Village head Mantiya added that Goliath first shocked villagers when he was caught having sex with a pig which was left in his custody by a Harare-based farmer.

He said people were suspecting that he could have been doing that for ritual purposes to enhance his business.

“We now suspect that Goliath could be doing that to enhance his business since he owns a shop in this area. He was once caught bonking a pig and his wife Jane Ncube-Sibanda ditched him for that and returned to her parents’ home in Chinhoyi. I summoned him and fined him a hen for abusing the pig,” said Village Head Mantiya.

Goliath’s mother, Mrs Mapolisa, said she was keeping his son company since his wife ditched him sometime last year.

“My son was dumped by his wife and I thought I could keep him company because I suspected that he could commit suicide,” she said. Sunday News