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Thousands expected at African Apostolic Church passover

By David Shumba

HARARE – Thousands of devotees from the Paul Ernest Mwazha-led African Apostolic Church (VaApostora VeAfrica) are expected to gather for yet another Passover in Chiota-Materera next week.

Archbishop Ernest Paul Mwazha
Archbishop Ernest Paul Mwazha

The Passover which is the last to be held in Zimbabwe this year following others held in Guvambwa, Mapembe shrine in Odzi, Ndarikure in Masvingo among others is to be held from 21 to 23 August and is expected to draw people mainly from Harare and Chitungwiza and around the country as well.

Interviewed members of the Church expressed optimism that the gathering would draw many people than other assemblies held this year.

“We are hopeful that our congregation in Chiota-Materera will draw many people as it is our last Passover in Zimbabwe this year. Other gatherings will be held but they will be outside the country.

“This gathering will advance our core business, AFRICA FORWARD BACKWARDS NEVER as well as draw many people to God,” said Munodashe Mamutse from Kamfinsa.

A gathering held at Ndarikure last week was attended by more than 25 000 people.

Testimonies have been a common ritual at most AAC gatherings.

“My wife was pregnant for two years, two months and could not conceive. We did all that we could and spent a fortune in trying to find a solution, but we could not get the help that we badly needed during that period,” said Mr Gambe, in his testimony during the Passover gathering at Mapembe.

“I then met people from this church (African Apostolic Church) who advised me that the problem could be solved in their church.

“I decided to instruct my wife to come to this church while I remained behind. When she came back she told me that she had undergone some serious prayers with church elders and that after three days she would have received help.

“Indeed after three days, I was phoned and told that she had been helped. I asked whether it was a baby girl of boy. I was told that there was no baby to talk about. In fact, she was carrying some goblins for the past two years, two months. When I went to see her, she was like a young girl once again.

“I did not hesitate to join the church soon after that experience,” said Mr Gambe.

Another woman who was saved from an alleged ‘Mermaid’ attack also shared her testimony.

“All I can remember is seeing the picture of the Angel of Africa, Paul Mwazha shining like a very small light at the end of a very dark tunnel. When I died, I felt like one going to sleep and a great darkness the like of which I have never seen anywhere before covered my being and I was struggling to come out of that darkness.

“The moment I saw the vision of the Angel of Africa, Paul Mwazha of Africa, that is when light started coming back into my life like a pair of blood lights.

“The light increased gradually until the floodlights hit me and I came back to life and vomited a little bit of water. They prayed for some Holy Water of Alpha and Omega and my baby started moving in my womb. Meanwhile the congregants continued singing Hymn 30 praying for me then in the end they gave me some food.

“I am happy because the Lord Jesus who sent Paul Mwazha of Africa saved my life and that of my unborn child. Now I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. I thank the Lord Jesus who sent Paul Mwazha of Africa to give me a new life. Four angels came to me.

“I recognized two of the angels namely the Angel Gabriel and the Angel of Africa, Paul Mwazha of Africa; I did not recognize the other two. They prayed for me and since then I have never been sick again and I gave birth to my baby girl whom we named Lesley-Dimo Kofi,” said Mrs Kofi, a woman who was rescued after attack by a mermaid.

Mufundisi Sengai of kamfinsa said the congregation would be one of its kind and many people were going to turn to God through Jesus Christ our Savior who sent Paul Mwazha of Africa during this time of the end.

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David Shumba is an Apostle of Jesus Christ in the African Apostolic Church. He is based in Harare. africaforward@yahoo.co.uk; shumbadavidj@gmail.com.