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Mixed bag at Charly Black gig

By Tawanda Marwizi

Longcheng Mall was a hive of activity on Saturday night as several local musicians teamed up with Jamaican Charly Black for a memorable show.

Charly Black greets his fans during the show at Longcheng Plaza on Saturday
Charly Black greets his fans during the show at Longcheng Plaza on Saturday

Thousands of music lovers were treated to a lifetime event as musicians took turns to perform.

Parking space was a nightmare on the night and some ended up parking along the Harare-Bulawayo highway.

Youthful fans came early for the show and some were hanging around the venue while numerous unnecessary fights erupted among the mostly drunk youths.

Others were still enjoying the burn-outs that were held earlier on at the mall.

Some of the merrymakers got heavily drunk in the early stages of the event and others spent the better part of the night lying dead drunk.

By 10pm the venue was already packed and fans were enjoying music from different DJs and some upcoming dancehall musicians.

However, the crowd did not seem amused by some police officers who tried to block them from getting closer to the stage.

Kinna was one of the local artistes who took the stage before midnight and the musician gave his best.

Dressed in all white, the musician managed to give out some of his hit songs including “Zvangu Zvauya” leaving fans in party mood.

However, technical glitches killed the mood of the fans who lost their tempers as usual.

They started throwing missiles on stage forcing the DJs off the stage while some fans went out of the venue in protest.

Charly Black, who was the main performer of the night, took the stage shortly after the technical glitches and the Jamaican artiste managed to restore party mood.

He played most of his hit songs leaving fans yearning for more. Though some fans were seen waving goodbye to the musician he managed to convince them with some of his songs.

He took the platform to hail Zimbabwe for its stance against gay marriages.

“In Jamaica we say no to that and I am also told that Zimbabwe is against it. Keep it up Zimbabwe,” he said before continuing with his act.

He preached peace throughout his performance and called for the police to let fans enjoy the show without restriction.

Fans were jostling to get a glimpse of him as he gave a spellbinding performance.

The show gave former rivals Soul Jah Love and Seh Calaz a platform to announce their reconciliation to the public for the first time.

Last year at a clash held in the capital they were involved in a fist fight and have on several occasions dissed each other.

They managed to set the show ablaze with most of their hit songs. Killer T was the last musician to take the stage and he managed to give his best.

His latest album “Ngoma Ndaimba” is getting popular by each passing show.

Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services Supa Mandiwanzira and dancehall musician Tocky Vibes were among the guests at the show. The Herald