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Nust lecturer sued $40 000 for bedding married student

By Richard Muponde

BULAWAYO – A National University of Science and Technology (Nust) lecturer, David Foya, has been caught in a sex storm and is being sued for $40 000 in damages for having an adulterous relationship with a married student.

National University of Science and Technology
National University of Science and Technology

The affair was uncovered after intimate messages were discovered by the woman’s husband on her WhatsApp application.

Foya, a lecturer in the Faculty of Business, according to court papers seen by Sunday News, is being accused by Bongani Ngulube, the husband to Judith Moyo, of bedding his wife to the extent that he has lost “love, warmth and affection for my spouse”.

He said he had also lost the support and “services” of his wife as a result of her romantic affair with Foya.

Moyo is a teacher at Montrose Girls High School and was Foya’s student when she was advancing her education at Nust.

Summons filed at the Bulawayo High Court revealed that Ngulube, who wedded his wife on 22 December last year, wants $15 000 for contumelia (a deliberately offensive act or something producing the effect of deliberate disrespect) inflicted upon him by Foya as a consequence of his adulterous relationship with his wife.

He is also demanding $25 000 for “loss of comfort, society and services of his wife” because of the sexual affair.

Ngulube has applied for a default judgment against Foya after the lecturer reportedly failed to file his plea in the stipulated time in terms of the High Court rules.

In his declaration, Ngulube said he was still married to Moyo and added that Foya fell in love with his wife when she was his student at Nust.

“The defendant (Foya) has ridiculed and laughed at the plaintiff (Ngulube) in public on diverse occasions and the affair has caused plaintiff much discomfort and pain. The plaintiff has been greatly humiliated and demeaned by the defendant’s conduct, which conduct has embarrassed plaintiff among his friends, family and members of his church,” declared Ngulube’s lawyers.

Some of the WhatsApp messages which Ngulube filed in court as evidence are that of Foya and Moyo inviting each other for sex and deciding where to be intimate.

Nust recently crafted a gender policy that addresses the issue of sexual harassment of students by lecturers at the institution. Sunday News