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Woman kills newborn baby at 4th Street bus terminus

HARARE – A 27 year old woman reportedly gave birth in a toilet at 4th Street bus terminus in Harare, cut the baby’s umbilical cord with her bare hands and left it to die under her jacket.

4th Street bus terminus (Picture by NewsDay)
4th Street bus terminus (Picture by NewsDay)

Elinah Ngirazi, of Tekawako Village under Chief Kumadzi in Honde Valley, was apprehended by members of the public as she attempted to flee from the scene after committing the offence.

She was then arrested and taken to Harare Magistrates’ Court where she admitted to killing her baby.

Although she told magistrate Takunda Mutetwa that she had no intention to kill the baby, Elinah was convicted of infanticide on her own plea.

She is expected to be sentenced today.

State counsel! Stylon Marufu, had it that on April 5 at around 7am, Elinah met her sisters in Greendale and agreed to go and meet their brother at Mbare Musika.

Their brother was coming from Honde Valley.

At around 5pm of the same, Elinah is said to have started complaining of stomach pains.

Elinah accompanied her sister into the city centre where she then excused herself whilst they were at 4th Street bus terminus.

She told her sister that she wanted to relieve herself.