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Literally Down to Earth: Alick Macheso (Picture)

HARARE – This is sungura music legend Alick Macheso literally down to earth. Baba Shero as he is affectionately known appears to be munching on a mango in this classic picture.

Literally Down to Earth: Alick Macheso
Literally Down to Earth: Alick Macheso

This week Macheso said he was in no hurry to release a new album. Although his last offering was the 2012 album Kwatakabva Mitunhu (Kure Kwekure), Macheso said reports that he would drop his long-awaited album this month were far from the truth.

“I strive for the best, therefore I detest working under unnecessary pressure just to beat the deadlines imposed by other people,” said Macheso.

“The phrase ‘due date’ does not exist in my vocabulary. A sungura musician is different from a bubble-gum artist. Vanhu ngavatipe nguva tinyatsovamonera bhodho racho (Fans should be patient to enable us to deliver a good album).”