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Gay man fights ‘lover’s’ widow over house

By Leonard Ncube

VICTORIA FALLS – A gay man who last year claimed that a former touring company boat captain sodomised him for 19 years and infected him with HIV is now fighting his late lover’s widow in a bid to inherit a house he left.

Gay man fights ‘lover’s’ widow over house
Gay man fights ‘lover’s’ widow over house

Masiye Moyo, 32, a former captain at the now defunct United Touring Company (UTC) in Victoria Falls, died on May 19 this year, leaving a four-roomed house in Chinotimba suburb.

His widow Christina Sibanda, 38, has approached the courts seeking an order to evict Bruce Kazembe, who has been occupying the house. Kazembe claims the late Moyo offered him the property to buy his silence for the alleged abuse.

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Moyo and Sibanda had four children together aged between five and 14 years. Moyo and Kazembe stayed together in Victoria Falls as “family friends”, while the late boat captain’s wife was at their rural home.

Last year, Kazembe openly bragged that he was gay, in an interview with The Chronicle.

Sibanda, in her summons, said she wanted Kazembe out of the house together with his tenants.

“My late husband assumed ownership of that house from his employers in 2012 and Bruce should prove to us who authorised him to stay in it. We’ve the keys and we don’t know how he got in which on its own is a crime,” she said.

“He’s not even talking to us and each time we go to the house we don’t find him. Some property is missing already and he has also rented out some of the rooms.”

Before his death, Moyo handed the power of attorney to Sibanda that empowers her to oversee his assets, including the house.

Moyo’s younger brother, Matthew, who also deposed his affidavit, said: “What pains us the most is that Bruce has been living in that house illegally. He’s not our relative and we only know him because the late once rented at his parents’ place.”

Matthew also accused Kazembe of breaking into the house after he locked it at a time when the alleged gay man was in South Africa.

“I left the doors locked when I took my brother home and Bruce was in South Africa then. He gained entry through the window and started living there.

“We’ve served him with papers but he has refused to vacate the house. He claims Moyo sodomised him and promised him the house. We want him out so that the widow can use it to raise the children,” added Matthew.

Sibanda and Matthew have also reported a case of burglary against Kazembe.

Kazembe vowed to stay put and has responded through a notice to plead.

“Masiye sodomised me since I was 11-years-old and I contracted HIV in the process. I’m surprised I’m being evicted because he offered me the house to conceal this wickedness.

“I’ve been disowned by my parents and the court should consider my status. I can’t fend for myself and I can’t marry anymore,” he said.

When The Chronicle spoke to Moyo before his death, he vehemently denied sodomising Kazembe.

He died before the conclusion of the sodomy case that was reported by Kazembe and which was before the Victoria Falls Magistrate’s Court. The Chronicle