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Highlanders football star Mthulisi Maphosa survives horror car accident

By Ezra Sibanda

BULAWAYO – Highlanders football star Mthulisi Maphosa survived a horrifying accident after his car Honda CVR burst the front tyre after hitting a pothole.

What remained of Mthulisi Maphosa's car after the accident
What remained of Mthulisi Maphosa’s car after the accident

He was on his way to his house in Mpopoma from Cowdry Park after dropping a friend home, Chronicle sports reporter Ricky Zililo.

It is believed he lost control of the car which then overturned and the occupants were thrown out.

The accident happened around 10.00pm near the rail crossing at a curve which has been a black spot in Cowdry Park as there are no signs to warn motorists of the sharp curve.

Mthulisi who was with his young brother and two passengers were quickly taken to Mpilo Hospital by a passing motorist where they were nursed and discharged.

Police confirmed that it was a genuine normal accident which can happen to anyone especially when a car burst a front tyre.

Yours truly visited Mthulisi at his home and was relaxing with his mother. He appears fit and well and will attend training as usual with his team Bosso on Tuesday.

Ezra Sibanda with Mthulisi Maphosa and his mother
Ezra Sibanda with Mthulisi Maphosa and his mother

He lost his 2 phones, a Tablet, cash and bank cards, the spare wheel of the car was also stolen and he is pleading with whoever took his belongings by mistake to return them.

This happened while they were being ferried to hospital.

To the City Fathers surely these mushrooming potholes in most of our towns and cities do not only endanger the lives of travellers driving but are also contributing to increased vehicle damage with no compensation from municipalities.

Damage suffered as a result of poor maintenance and failure to repair road conditions on other roads have to be addressed to the local municipality and department of roads/ public works in that area but it’s not the case in our beloved country because nobody cares.