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Macheso performs at Magaya’s PHD

By Vasco Chaya

HARARE – Walter Magaya, leader of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries used popular sungura musician Alick Macheso as a fishing worm to “catch men” at an all-men night prayer held on Friday in Harare.

Sungura musician Alick Macheso
Sungura musician Alick Macheso

Themed Creating a Man with Power, the event saw Macheso, a secular artiste performing in a church, sharing the stage with gospel musician Mathias Mhere.

Magaya told journalists that men are generally skeptical about coming to church as compared to their women counterparts hence he had devised a plan to lure them.

“This is the third all-night prayer for men this year. Men are not as forthcoming as women.

“Therefore, you need to learn to place well your worm on a hook to catch a fish and for me I used Macheso to attract men to come to church,” said Magaya.

The PHD Ministries leader who claims popular Nigerian preacher TB Joshua as his spiritual father said men have seen and followed Macheso performing in beerhalls, now is the time for them to follow him in church.

“Men have seen Macheso in beerhalls, now they have seen him in church shouting Jesus’ name …. and this development will attract them more and then we preach,” he said.

Magaya reiterated that his move is not meant to force Macheso to become a member of his church.

“At times you give people a want and then produce a need out of them.

“My mission is not to bring Macheso to church but to let him perform and attract and bring men that have never been in church before. However, receiving Jesus is a matter of the heart,” he said.

Magaya’s scheme of roping in Macheso might have yielded desired results in mobilising tens of thousands of men for a night long prayer compared to previously held all-men prayer sessions that have attracted just a few thousands.

PHD Ministries’ senior pastor Admire Mango introduced Macheso who was was putting on church’s wrist band and a blue T-shirt to congregants as “mwana wesangano” which literally means “church member.”

The Tafadzwa singer performed a selection of songs with a gospel feel such as Samasimba, Charakupa, Teererai, Mwari Wenyasha and Mundikumbuke among others much to the delight of over 80 000-men crowd.

Macheso composed a song on stage with lyrics meant to glorify one of the leading prophets singing: “Magaya rova bhora rechinamato hwai dzedu dzione kupona… Magaya is unconquerable (Magaya continue serving Lord God for the benefit of our families).” Daily News