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Miss World is racist – Chiwenga

By Sharon Muguwu

HARARE – Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson Mary Chiwenga says only racism can stop one of the 15 girls vying for the national beauty title from landing the Miss World Crown.

Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson Mary Chiwenga (Picture by Zimbo Jam.com)
Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson Mary Chiwenga (Picture by Zimbo Jam.com)

Speaking on the sidelines of the national pageant’s sashing ceremony; Chiwenga said all the remaining 15 girls were good enough to be Miss World.

“We always have the right girls to bring the crown home but Miss World for me is more like a race thing,” said Chiwenga.

“They look at skin colour; they judge you more on this skin than anything else. But I believe that our girls have what it takes and I am very optimistic that one of them will bring it home.”

The Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson, who is married to Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantine Chiwenga, is encouraged by the fact that the reigning Miss World is a South African.

“Right now it’s closer to home; it’s in South Africa and I feel 2015 is a good chance for us,” she said.

According to the Miss World website, in the 1970 Miss World, two black women – Jennifer Hosten of Grenada and Pearl Jansen of South Africa claimed first and second place, something that had never happened before at a major international pageant.

Nigerian beauty queen and model Agbani Darego, winner of Miss World 2001, was the first black African winner and the following year Miss World was staged in her homeland, in Abuja, Nigeria.

According to Chiwenga, the Zimbabwe Trust has so far invested $270 000 towards the preparations, of the Miss Zimbabwe finals to be held at Mermaid’s Pool in Shamva on Saturday April 25.

The tickets for the national pageant are going for a whopping $300 per head.

The Miss Zimbabwe boss insisted that the ticket price was the right one.

“We are targeting people who can sponsor and naturally they would want to come and watch. So this price attracts the right people who will not jeer or boo at the girls which might confuse them,” said Chiwenga.

“And it (the $300 price ticket) also chases away rowdy elements that might disturb proceedings. The venue is accessible to the people we are targeting; we are not worried about its accessibility.”

The final 15 are: Nicolette Nyathi, Veronica Chitandwe, Emily Kachote, Vanessa Mbeti, Dephine Kuzvidza, Vanessa Mutemasango, Melody Muza, Nokulunga Nyathi, Melody Chitsungo, Panashe Pfende, Anisa Ndiriwani, Annie-Grace Mutambu, Chengetai Kanonhuwa, Hilda Mabu and Rairo Chengetai Gunguwo. Daily News