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Former Ncube MDC chair rejoins Tsvangirai

HARARE – Goodrich Chimbaira the former chairperson of the smaller MDC led by Welshman Ncube has rejoined the larger formation led by Morgan Tsvangirai.

Goodrich Chimbaira in cap
Goodrich Chimbaira in cap

Speaking at the official unveiling in Harare on Thursday, an elated Tsvangirai said it was a “happy day for the democratic movement as we once again welcome more people into the MDC big tent.”

“We are glad that Mr Goodrich Chimbaira, the former chairperson of the political formation led by professor Welshman Ncube, is rejoining us today. Together we are better and stronger. We are happy that more and more members continue to come back to the party they helped found some 16 years ago.

“In politics and especially in a democratic movement, adventurism is permissible but it only takes the courage of great men and women to realize that together we are stronger, thereby making them take the bold decision to come back and work with others. We in the MDC appreciate the importance of working together and we welcome this son of the struggle back home.”

Tsvangirai said disagreements were “permissible” because the MDC was a huge movement of “diverse characters and sometimes we part ways, but today’s lesson is that we can always meet again especially if we all realize that this struggle needs all of us.”

The MDC split in 2005 over whether to participate in senate elections or not and Ncube and other senior officials broke away to form their own faction using the same name. Chimbaira later fell out with Ncube as he supported a further splinter of the Ncube camp that was led by Arthur Mutambara.