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No jobs for some Zimbabweans living in diaspora

By Gibbs Dube

Some Zimbabweans living outside the country are now struggling to make ends meet due to lack of jobs.

Zimbabweans in South Africa
Zimbabweans in South Africa

According to several organizations representing hundreds of Zimbabweans living in Britain and other European nations, relaxed immigration conditions in the region are wrecking the lives of most Africans.

Lucia Dube of the Zimbabwe Diaspora Focus Group says the situation is worse in Britain where people drawn from the European Union are grabbing most jobs, including the nursing of senior citizens.

“People are really struggling especially on this part of the diaspora where I am. There have been a lot of openings for other nationals who come into the country and they have taken over some of the jobs,” said Dube.

She noted that some Zimbabweans now wish to go back home but are being deterred by the deteriorating situation as the country’s economy is fast declining due to many factors, including lack of confidence in the present government and insignificant foreign direct investment.

There are millions of Zimbabweans living in many countries including South Africa where they are at times victimized in xenophobic attacks by locals claiming that they are taking over their jobs.

They are mainly political and economic refugees that have been displaced by the harsh environment back home. VOA (Studio 7)