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Tryson accuses Sulu of stealing his song

By Nigel Pfunde and Hardlife Samuwi

HARARE – The dendera war between exponent Suluman and his cousin Tryson Chimbetu has gone to unprecedented levels as the latter accuses Sulu of ‘stealing’ his song.

Sulumani and Tryson Chimbetu
Sulumani and Tryson Chimbetu

Tryson is claiming that the hit song Idah Nhoro is his intellectual property. The dendera prince, Tryson, has accused dendera king Suluman of stealing his song previously.

Tryson said the Sean Timba hitmaker stole the song Idah Nhoro which he claimed he penned and was originally titled Pahotera. The song, according to Tryson, was released in 2013 and featured superstar Oliver Mtukudzi.

Intrestingly, Sulu’s version also features Mtukudzi, making it a strong coincidence.

Tryson is a bitter man.

“They just changed a few things, but if you listen very well you can get what I am saying,” said Tryson.

He further accused Sulu of being a perennial ‘thief’.

Tryson said Suluman is in the habit of ‘stealing’ people’s songs.

He claimed the song Sekuru Bensen, taken off Suluman’s latest album Gunship,  was originally titled Sekuru Chaminuka and was written by Tryson’s late father Naison.

Sulu scoffed at the allegations  .

Speaking through his publicist Joe Local Nyamungoma , Sulu said “he can not argue with a fool”.

“We cannot keep making silly arguments. It’s like if a madman takes off your clothes and you chase him, you will all be labelled the same (sic).

“We will not comment on trivial issues,” he said.

The two cousins have a long-standing ‘beef’ that is believed to have been sparked by Sulu’s scooping of more awards than Tryson.

Although most critics believe Tryson is more talented than Sulu, Sulu has managed to create a brand and a big following. The Zimbabwe Mail