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Musicians’ death prophecy causes stir

Thorn of Grace Ministries founder Prophet Evidence Chari has caused a stir through his heart rending prophecy in which he foresees the deaths of two popular local musicians in road accidents.

Prophet Evidence Chari with his wife
Prophet Evidence Chari with his wife

Prophet Chari announced the prophecy at his church this week , with the prophecy itself receiving mixed feelings on social networks.

Social networks were awash with people registering divergent views on Thursday.

“Amen, pray for their survival,” wrote one Ashleen Govera.

“That is nonsensical, obviously there is probability that two musicians can die through accidents in the next 11 months so this is mere logic, I will not take that,” registered one Tawanda Masusu who disputed the divine announcement.

In his words, Prophet Chari said: “I saw in a vision one big businessperson failing to cross over to 2016 and two popular musicians perishing in a road accident,”

He, however, could not reveal the names of the said musicians.

In the same sermon, he also prophesied about a fire that he said will gut a service station in one of the leafy surburbs of Harare.

“I saw fire at one of the service stations in the low densities of Harare,” he said.

He also said 2015 will mark a great year for Zimbabwe.

“I saw two bulls fighting on a dusty ground and to my surprise, the other one had one horn which was broken but no one recognised it . There is a better Zimbabwe this year,” he said.

Prophet Chari once grabbed headlines when he claimed that he had the ability to miraculously restore broken marriages.

“I have an anointing that God has given me, I specialise on instant miracles, and one of the areas that God uses me mightily is that on mending marriages.

“Through the grace of God that is upon my life I can pray for someone whether a woman or man who could have been left by his/her spouse and instantly God would restore that marriage,” he was quoted as saying.

Thorn of Grace Ministries is located at Old Customs House in the vicinity of the Charge Office bus terminus in the capital. Zimbabwe Mail