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Calvin and Muzi to produce Tombofara video

Childhood friends Calvin Gudu and Muzi Mangena who took Zimbabwe by storm in 1998 with their cult classic “Tombofara” are working on a video for the song Nehanda Radio can reveal.

Calvin Gudu and Muzi Mangena
Calvin Gudu and Muzi Mangena

Almost 17 years later the duo who went by the stage names Calvin & Muzi have decided to seal the legacy of the song by producing a video that will also include scenes suggested by their fans.

Speaking to Nehanda Radio, Calvin said their fans have been loyal to them for such a long time and they wanted to involve them in the project. Asked why they were only working on a video after such a long time, Calvin said:

“I think that it is impossible for a pregnant woman to deliver a second baby before the one she is carrying has been delivered. We believe that Tombofara is not yet complete until the fans have taken part in the second phase that is the video.

“In its true completion we will see Tombofara having been cherished by my father and mother, my generation and my son. Hence the story is being finished this year in 2015. To our fans we say tell us what you want on the video.” (Visit their page Tombofara Tombofara to take part)

Calvin confirmed that the duo is going to be on the road very soon touring the UK and they were also working on a new EP.