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‘Sore’ loser Makaya blasted

By Sharon Muguwu

HARARE – Dethroned Miss Zimbabwe Catherine Makaya has drawn fire for her publicity stunt in which she appeared on Facebook wearing the same dress worn by her successor at last week’s Miss World finals.

Miss Zimbabwe Catherine Makaya
Dethroned Miss Zimbabwe Catherine Makaya

Tendai Hunda replaced Makaya after she was sent packing by the Miss Zimbabwe Trust for alleged indiscipline.

But Makaya, who was stripped of the crown in the run-up to the Miss World finals which were held in London at the weekend, appeared to mock Hunda by posting her picture wearing a similar dress and crown.

There was a backlash on the social media with people telling her to “move on” and that she was a “sore” loser.

“Ummmm how come you have the same dress as Tendai?” asked  Nyarai Mutamangira.

And this was replied to by Jacllinne Tinotenda Murombo Ngarande who came out guns blazing, insulting Makaya.

“She is a ….. Nyarie, akuda attention.. manje hapana anomupa.. akada kudai anoshaya kwekufambira .. haatizive mushe.” (She is attention seeking….but we will not give it to her. If she keeps on acting like that she will have to watch her back).

Makaya claimed her dethronement was done through newspapers

“The only communication I then received was that the vehicle I was supposed to have won in the pageant was now revoked.”

Miss Zimbabwe Trust Administrator, Modester Muvhimi said she was not aware of the picture but was surprised with Makaya’s actions.

“She posted a picture? I have not seen it,” Muvhimi said. “Yes it is the same dress that Tendai wore on the final night. I am just surprised that she has decided to post a picture like that.”

“The dress was designed and made by Spiro Villioti for the national queen, so I am guessing when Catherine had it in her possession she took a picture.”

Hunda arrived Tuesday afternoon from London where she took part in Miss World which was won by South Africa’s Rolene Strauss. Daily News