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Mugabe feels the heat as he sweats on stage (Picture)

President Robert Mugabe seen here sweating as he leaves the poduim after delivering a speech at the Zanu PF congress in which he attacked his deputy Vice President Joice Mujuru.

Mugabe sweating on stage
Mugabe sweating on stage

Addressing the congress, Mugabe accused Mujuru of plotting to kill him in a bid to take over the presidency.

“Wanting a post should not lead someone into plotting to kill,” he said, adding that Mujuru had absented herself from the congress in the typical fashion of a thief.

Also absent from the congress were top Mujuru allies Nicholas Goche (Labour Minister) and Didymus Mutasa (Secretary for Administration).

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Turning to the election of Mujuru as the party’s vice president in 2004, Mugabe said: “I do not want to blame the Women(‘s league) for giving us the VP, you thought you were giving us a good person.”

“We do not choose you to be thieves but to end it (theft) in your areas. You should never send a thief to catch a thief. If we are sent to catch thieves and we become thieves, who will catch the thieves”