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If I were Morgan . . .

By Vince Museve

If there is anything we should learn from the recent purges within its leadership ranks, it is that most Zanu PF leaders are actually tired of President Robert Mugabe and, like most of us, would like to see him go. What they have lacked are the scruples to unite and dismiss him.

Vince Musewe
Vince Musewe

And so it turns out that we have been right all this time, that Mugabe has been and remains the stumbling block on Zimbabwe’s progress. Even his minions, in surprisingly considerable numbers, no longer believe that he is relevant to the Zimbabwe we want to create.

The public display of tantrums which we have seen from First Lady Grace Mugabe should indicate to us the frustration of the First Family on their comprehension that they no longer have the full support of all within the Zanu PF leadership.

Mugabe will never deliver the Zimbabwe that we desperately want, including the Zimbabwe that those who legitimately fought in the struggle sought to achieve.

I am glad that this has now been revealed because for years, we have been saying that Zimbabwe’s potential can never be fully realised through a dictatorship. Mugabe is old and remains in the past. He can no longer lead us in creating the future we desperately desire.

What Mugabe has done is to use his wife, Grace, in order to flush out those who desire a leadership renewal, but this does not change the reality that it is time for him to go. The impulsive reaction of purging of his underlings will likely expedite his exit.

How exhilarating!

Let me be clear: I do not subscribe to the value system of Zanu PF and I have no respect for those who do. So in my view, all those who are now being purged are not innocent spectators or victims.

They have been complicit in supporting and benefiting from this tyranny while participating in the destruction of our country and its potential. They chose personal gain at the expense of national interest. Let them reap their harvest of sorrows.

All this must surely present a unique opportunity for our opposition political parties. However, I fear that they are not doing enough. It is time for the audacity of hope.

In my opinion, the MDC-T, despite their purported inadequacies, must now take the driver’s seat and lead.

If I were MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai, I would certainly now consolidate and take a higher ground by being a unifying force of all democratic movements so that we may at last expunge the dictator once and for all.

This coming-together of democratic forces, in my view, cannot be conditional nor can it be based on egos, but must be based on putting Zimbabwe first. I would advise that Morgan goes all out to motivate all and sundry and be the selfless leader he claims to be; a leader who realises that this is no time for grudges.

If I were in his position, I would call an immediate conference for change that attracts all Zimbabweans to collectively demand the immediate stepping down of Mugabe and the take-over of the country’s affairs by an interim inclusive body so that we may arrest the decline and save Zimbabwe. We must move towards reforms and ultimately towards free and fair elections as soon as possible.

In this effort, I would ensure that nobody is left behind especially the moderates within Zanu PF, the army, the police and civic organisations including legitimate churches that see the rot in Zanu PF and would fully support a people-driven change agenda that must be implemented now.

This is no time for endless Press conferences that achieve little, but it is time to act in an inclusive and non-partisan manner.

If I were in Morgan’s position, I would definitely mobilise for mass action where all Zimbabweans, regardless of political affiliation, must for once make the bold statement that enough is enough and Mugabe must stand down.

This action must include all Zimbabweans, including our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora. Let January 2015 be the month of regime change led by Zimbabweans.

I would, with immediate effect, withdraw all councillors and Members of Parliament from government in protest of the revelations that South Africa hid the truth with regard to the 2002 elections which makes all other elections after that illegitimate.

I would not just issue a Press statement and ask for a mere apology on such a grave matter, but bring the South African government to account.

The recent ridiculous reaction by Mugabe’s minions that the 2002 Kampepe Report is a mere private opinion to be brushed off is not surprising and remains a ridiculous assertion that seeks to discount a grave historical and deliberate blunder affecting the rights of Zimbabweans.

I conjecture that were the opinion otherwise, I have no doubt the same minions would have rushed to claim victory and vindicate the dictator as legitimate. We must ignore their simple exuberant minds.

I think that Morgan must take this opportunity to motivate and encourage the masses and all opposition parties for a final push that will see the fall of the dictator who now has little support even within his ranks.

The emperor is naked.

Mugabe will not willingly go. If we sit by and dither, hoping for better times to come, we shall soon see Grace in State House as the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe; God forbid.

My message to Morgan is, therefore, that Zanu PF, as we know it, is dead and if there is any opportunity to act decisively and shape a better future for Zimbabwe, it is now.

Let those who have ears hear.

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