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Zimbabwean rapper a big hit in Russia with pro-Putin song

By Staff Reporter

RUSSIA – A Zimbabwean rapper and his Kenyan colleague who have been living in Russia are making waves in that country with a hit song “Go Hard Like Vladimir Putin” which has been viewed over a million times on You Tube.

Kudzayi Victor Matinyarare (right) alongside Benson Angawa Aginga (left)
Kudzayi Victor Matinyarare (right) alongside Benson Angawa Aginga (left)

Kudzayi Victor Matinyarare (K.King) alongside Benson Angawa Aginga (Beni Maniaci) who hails from Kenya are both members of the group Architects Music Group and believe Putin is a role model for hard work and diligence.

Kudzayi has lived in Russia since 2000, when he came to study medicine at the University of Volgograd. He moved to Moscow in 2007.

“We didn’t write the song to pay homage to Vladimir Putin. The Russian president was simply a source of inspiration for us. Our basic idea was to write a song to inspire young people to work hard to attain their goals,” Kudzayi said.

“When I sat down with fellow group member Beni Maniaci to brainstorm who could be a good example for the younger generations, Putin’s name came up spontaneously. Putin, like Mugabe, knows how to rule in an authoritarian way.

“We want this song to speak to all blacks, not only those who live in Russia. Beni Maniaci and I both come from countries where the presidents know how to rule in an authoritarian way I personally think that we need more emblematic leaders.

“With this song, we are showing young people the example to follow: you must work hard, integrate yourself within society and avoid becoming caught up in any illegal activities. Basically, in one sentence: follow the rules, no matter where you are,” Kudzayi added.

Despite Russia’s poor record in the treatment of African migrants, the two rappers who are currently on tour inside Russia say racial violence is not as problematic as it once was.

According to reports many Russians are also uploading their own versions of the song onto to social media sparking a frenzied craze.